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Nondestructive Evaluation Lab Tour

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Learn how

  • Labs can support your material selection and failure efforts of components and assemblies
  • Support for component and material testing objectives with both destructive and non-destructive technologies
  • Support the development of test plans and test protocols


Materials Analysis Lab:

The Materials Analysis Lab, located in the Metals Development building of the Ames Laboratory, houses an assortment of analytical and test equipment to help companies solve problems and better understand the materials they work with. The lab supports project work that may include verification to specification of metals and alloys, microstructural and compositional analysis, bulk hardness and microhardness measurements, and testing of mechanical properties. CIRAS metallurgists conduct short-term, company-driven projects often related to materials selection, corrosion, welding and joining, heat treatment, and product failures.

Structural Analysis Lab:

The Structural Engineering Research Laboratory is located in Town Engineering building. As the name indicates this lab is setup to conduct structural testing. Most projects involve applying measured loads to components and measuring the resulting deflections. Load is often increased until failure occurs. Along with load and deflection the lab has capacity to measure strain, acceleration and temperature. The lab has equipment for conducting fatigue testing and can also assist with field testing.  Along with conducting the testing, CIRAS Staff can assist with developing a test plan, establishing testing protocols, design testing fixtures and validating theoretical results with lab and field testing.

Nondestructive Evaluation Lab:

The Nondestructive Evaluation Lab is located in the Applied Sciences Complex. This lab assists companies with identifying and applying nondestructive evaluation technologies for inspection of their components. The lab has the capacity to conduct x-ray, ultrasonic, magnetic particle and other types of inspection methodologies. Along with applying the technology, the lab can assist with establishing inspection protocol.

Your Guides

Adam Boesenberg - Materials

Adam has been with CIRAS-Iowa State University since 2013. His expertise lies in failure analysis, materials characterization, product evaluation, and research and development. Adam’s work helps Iowa companies make better materials-related decisions about new products by helping them analyze failed components, test new components, and test the materials selected for new products. He is a founding member of the ASM Failure Analysis Society.

John Roberts - Structures

John's background is in metal fabrication associated with the installation of commercial and industrial equipment. Prior to becoming an engineer in 1996, John worked as a journeyman, with hands-on experience in HVAC systems, compressed air and water treatment equipment. John has spent the past 20 years at CIRAS helping Iowa manufacturers with product design and testing, as well as Finite Element Analysis. 

Dave Utrata - Nondestructive Evaluation

Dave works to help Iowa manufacturers use nondestructive test methods to inspect products, minimize costs and ensure quality.  He has been at Iowa State University, working with national companies as well as Iowa manufacturers, for 24 years.  Prior to that, he worked in the railroad industry for 14 years performing metallurgical research. Dave has interacted with a wide range of manufacturing clients across the state and understands their needs.

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Materials, Structures, and NDE 
February 13, 2020


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