Advanced Video Marketing Boot Camp

What it takes to make your web videos look and feel more professional.
You’ll learn:
  • Advanced lighting techniques, camera angles, storyboarding, and shot selection
  • Techniques for motion graphics, various types of animation
  • After Effects, music, graphics, and editing
  • How to create more engaging videos that will then enhance your tradeshow presentation, increase website conversion, and/or create more sales or qualified leads.
  • Where to start and how to find your niche 
  • Hands-on practice and best practices found in the film/video industry
In a world where internet video marketing is more important than ever, the people who brought you CIRAS’ Video Marketing Boot Camp have created a sequel. This new daylong training session will feature hands-on learning under the guidance of professional videographers working to help you produce more effective videos. Participants will learn advanced techniques to improve everything from shot selection to editing, as well as how to use tools for animating graphics, logos and other portions of your videos.
You must be a Boot Camp graduate or have some other experience with video production to take part in this training. It’s the next logical step for someone who wants to take their videos to the next level.
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Event Details

Dates and Times: December 12th, 9am - 10pm, December 13th 8am - 4pm
Location: Johnson County Extension Office, 3109 Old Highway 218 S, Iowa City, IA 52246
Fee: Early Bird - $300 per person until November 11th;  $325 after November 11th


These industry experts will be on hand: 
Kirk Monson
MonZah Films
Producer & Director of Photography
Jeff Zahrt
MonZah Films 
Producer & Director
Topics presented by Studio Iowa:

• Why do we animate?
• Motion graphics concepts
• Hats of the animator - designer, technician, artist, communicator
• 2D vs 2.5D vs 3D
• The learning curve

• Keyframes and tweening
• Curves
• Story, storyboard, planning, and concept design
• Compositing, transparency, and alpha channels
• Preview vs rendering

• Common software packages
• Common usage
• Standalone pieces
• Component of larger video piece
• Types of Animation Projects
• Logo Animations
• Narrative / Character
• Explainers
• Auxiliary skillsets - Photoshop, Illustrator, etc 

• After Effects Part 1 - build a lower third
• After Effects Part 2 - build a kinetic text piece
• After Effects Part 3 - playground / explainer - deeper dive
• 3dsmax - take the concepts into 3D

Conclusion / Takeaways
• Where to start?
• First projects
• Find your niche
• When to get an assist
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