3D Printing and Polymers Lab Tour

9:45am – 2:15pm   

Learn how

  • Labs can support your material selection and failure efforts of polymer based components and assemblies
  • Advanced 3D printing technologies, like metal printing, are changing how companies envision their products and process
  • You can shorten your product development cycle 


Metal Additive Manufacturing Lab (MAML):
MAML is located in Sukup Hall on central Campus. The primary instrument, ProX 300 (from 3D Systems) is strategically placed in the metals manufacturing lab to be embedded with both cutting edge research and next gen educational activities at ISU. The ProX 300 with its 12"x10"x10" build envelop is capable of printing simple parts like jigs, fixtures, and complex parts like custom nozzles and multiple part injection mold tooling with conformal cooling channels. With past projects printed on the machine, Iowa companies have reported significant reductions in developmental cycle times. The system uses 17-4 stainless steel powder to print parts. 
PolyCY- Polymer Analysis Lab:
The PolyCY Lab is collection of labs located in Sweeney Hall on central campus. The lab has the full gamut of polymer analysis equipment and has assisted Iowa companies in the past with projects focusing on product verification, failure analysis, performance evaluation and material selection for product design. The Lab is set up such that it can respond fast to industry needs and can perform analysis on all types of materials ranging from chemicals, monomers, adhesives, rubbers, plastics and composite materials including thermoplastic and epoxy based materials. Some of the past projects with PolyCY have helped Iowa companies in retaining sales and invest in equipment for their new product or to improve their processes.

Your Guides

Chris Hill - 3D Printing

Chris has been with CIRAS since 2013 and is the Technology Assistance Program (TAP) Director.  Prior to CIRAS, he worked in manufacturing for 26 years in a variety of manufacturing, purchasing, quality, and project management roles. The last 7 years he lead new product development programs for a large appliance manufacturer, with responsibility for design, manufacturing, and quality. He has work with companies from around the world to resolve design, cost, timing, and quality issues. Chris holds numerous                              American Society for Quality (ASQ) certifications and holds numerous domestic and foreign patents.

Mark Williamson - 3D Printing

Mark, who joined CIRAS in 2017, has worked as a member of a product development team for both a large international corporation and small Iowa companies. He has had roles with numerous domestic and international companies to improve design and quality for components and sub-systems. Mark has utilized digital design tools to ensure conformance to requirements and ease of manufacturing design. 

Shankar Srinivasan - Polymers

Shankar's background includes plastics and composites processing experience. His last four years at CIRAS have been focused on using his expertise in polymers, technology scouting, and market intelligence to assist Iowa manufacturers with their product, process, and market-development needs. Prior to joining CIRAS, Shankar spent seven years at Iowa State leading research teams seeking to develop new products and compounds using renewable materials and polymer chemistry.

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