Here’s Why StarLink Fire LTE is The New Dealer’s Choice:
  • Panel-Powered, Low current draw – NO transformer, NO power supply, NO battery, NO extra conduit
  • Fastest Installation in Minutes on ALL 12V & 24V FACPs – Quickest connection, 2 FACP-Connect Modular Jacks, Self-Supervised (NO extra module reqd.)
  • Preactivated for Fastest Connection – Know they’re working before going onsite
  • Works Better Every Time – Dual Diversity Antennae & Signal Boost™ perform better in low-powered LTE networks. Works with any FACP, old & new, supports Contact ID or 4/2
  • Money-Saving, Unlimited Signal Plans, Report to Any Central Station– Avoid mandatory price increases & unplanned monthly charges
  • Largest Nationwide LTE Coverage Footprint, AT&T LTE and Verizon LTE

About 1/4 the Cost of Honeywell Fire Radios

$59.95net for StarLink Fire Dual Path – Saves $170ea.
($159.95 - $100 StarLink Tradeup incentive for POTS, 3G/CDMA Sunset Radios, & New Installations)
Safeguard fire accounts from POTS and 3G/CDMA sunsets
and protect your bottom line.
StarLink Fire Dual Path Communicators, available
in AT&T LTE or Verizon LTE, are in stock at a distributor near you.

For info and free enduser tradeup mailers call 1.800.645.9445 or email
StarLink, StarLink Fire™, Signal Boost™ are trademarks of Napco. Other marks trademarks of their respective companies. AT&T Model shown, #SLE-LTEAI-FIRE. †For model compliance listings always consult AHJ or tech docs. Sugg. pricing quoted in USD with StarLink Tradeup Incentive Program™ - see full details at