How to Use Our 2021 Mobile App

This year’s AMERICANAFEST will be one of the best yet! There are more than 200 participating artists and countless special events all throughout Nashville Sept. 22-25, so you're going to need more than a folded-up brochure to keep things together.

Build your own schedule with our 2021 AMERICANAFEST app. You can find the artist showcases you’d like to see, attend the conference panels that pique your interests and easily locate nearby essentials like parking options and even groceries to help you get back on your way to enjoying the festival.

What are you waiting for? Go ahead and download the app from the App Store or Google Play.
When you open the app for the first time, make sure to allow GPS location services and turn on notifications for optimal performance. You can filter the type of notifications you wish to receive - see the image above.
On the home page, you’ll see six different sections: the “Schedule,” “Map,” “Explore,” “News, Social & FAQ,” "Merch" and “Partners.” In the top right corner, you can tap on the magnifying glass icon to search through the entire app for whatever you're looking for. You’ll even see a countdown to the start of the festival.
We here at AMERICANAFEST know that your time is precious, so the “Schedule” section will be key to your festival experience. Check the “Lineup” tab to see a comprehensive list of showcasing artists with when and where they’re performing.

You can use the search bar in the "Lineup" and "Schedule" tabs to quickly find the acts and events you’re looking for. Each artist will have links to their Spotify, website and social media accounts.

Pro Tip: Creating your own schedule is as easy as creating a playlist. While in the “Schedule” or "Lineup" tab, tap on any artist or event listing and hit the “+” sign to add it to your schedule.
Tap on the “Map” section to see a layout of Nashville and the entire festival. Filter the map to see only the locations you need. Each colored pin means something different: blue is for venues and red is for essentials.

After tapping on a colored pin, iPhone users can select "View Details" for more information including a listing of events that are taking place at that venue. To the right of the "View Details" button, users will find another button with an arrow icon for directions. Once tapped, this action will provide the option of opening the selected location in your native navigation app.

Pro Tip for International Attendees without cell service: While you're connected to WiFi, go to the home screen and tap on "Schedule" and then "Schedule" again at the bottom. Then, scroll all the way down to the very end of Saturday's programming to cache all event listings so you can continue to view our schedule even when you don't have an internet connection.
On the "Schedule" tab, the app will default to “When” so you can view which events are scheduled for each day.

Under the “Where” tab, you’ll be able to see a complete venue list. When you tap on a venue listing, not only will you see who'll be performing there, but you can hit “Find Out More” to learn more about the venue, including its street address, things like any age requirements, seating info, available parking, food options and its overall vibe. 
Just looking for showcases? No problem! Or maybe you just want to find special events and panels? You're all set! The “Type” tab lets you filter events to display what matters most to you.

Not sure where all the action is going to be? Discover which events are most popular by using the “What’s Hot” tab.

Pro-Tip: Under the “What’s Hot” tab, you can view how many people are planning to attend each event. If you see that a lot of attendees have scheduled one of your "can't miss" events, try comparing the venue's capacity with the number of attendees that have scheduled the event to gauge how early you should plan to arrive.
While in the “Schedule” and “My Schedule” tabs, you can tap on the upper right-hand corner to view events in a grid format for a more detailed look at a timeline.

Under the "Explore" section, use the “Essentials” tab to find the nearest parking lot, grocery store or pharmacy.

Pro Tip: For those who are new to the festival, don’t forget to check out our handy First Timer’s Guide, found here or in the “Essentials” tab on the app, for all you need to know so you can make the most out of your experience.
Read up on the latest updates and check out what people are saying about our event under the “News, Social & FAQ” section. Under the “Social” tab, you can tap on trending hashtags to view posts on Twitter and Instagram. Share your favorite moments with us using the hashtag #AMERICANAFEST.

If you find yourself having questions like “Where can I purchase a Festival Pass?” or “What can I attend with my Conference Pass?”, our “FAQ” tab is also pretty darn helpful, too.
The “Merch” section will take you to our online store where you can fulfill all of your 2021 AMERICANAFEST merch needs. In light of our Health & Safety policy, there will not be any in-person merch booths at the festival this year, so this is your one-stop shop to pick up comfy t-shirts, collectible posters, handy totes and more!
The “Partners” section is dedicated to the organizations who are proud supporters of this year’s festival. Tap any logo to visit that company’s website and check 'em out.
There is no shortage of events at this year’s festival. We’ve included so many amazing artists to hear, panels to attend and special events to experience in such a small amount of time that we hope you use the app and its resources to better schedule your week.

Most importantly, we hope you enjoy your time at AMERICANAFEST!

Final Pro Tip: If you haven't already, go download the app.