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A lot can happen in 15 years.

Affordable multifamily owners of aging tax credit properties know that as well or better than anyone.

Just see the list of improvements you've put on hold so you can keep your property running on low cash flow and capital reserves that come with affordable rents
In fact, one in five LIHTC properties experienced a $5700 per unit shortfall in rehab funds at year 15 according to one nationwide study.
As tax credit expiration approaches – and with it the opportunity to refinance – you can finally raise the capital needed to cover deferred improvements.

But what if improvements won’t wait or require more funds than recapitalization can cover? 
Pathway Lending's solutions for affordable multifamily housing and energy efficiency can help today.

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Developers partner with Pathway Lending to retain and renovate affordable multifamily housing in Tennessee

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We are a mission-driven nonprofit lender dedicated to communities across Tennessee. Our affordable rates and flexible terms give us room to tailor a lending solution to your opportunity.
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