Stay safe with text alerts
Amboy Bank is committed to providing you the most advanced fraud prevention solutions available. Today, we monitor your ATM/debit card for potentially suspicious activities (such as a succession of costly purchases or other patterns not consistent with your usual behavior) and call you if we suspect an issue. 

In order to act upon potential fraud even quicker and more conveniently than before, Amboy Bank is offering text messages as the first attempt to reach you. Once enrolled, Amboy will contact you via text message to validate the legitimacy of a suspicious transaction, giving you the ability to quickly indicate if it may or may not be fraudulent. If you indicate the purchase is fraudulent, we will address with additional follow-up. If you do not respond to the text message, we will call the primary phone number on file.

To enroll

  • If we have your cell phone number on file, you will receive an enrollment text message when the service launches
  • If we do not have your cell phone number on file, please visit your local branch or call 877.22.AMBOY.