Frogbridge Day Camp

In January of 1998, Frank Pugliese purchased an 86-acre property in Millstone. He had a vision of turning the abandoned horse farm into a day camp that would give parents peace of mind and keep children entertained. He had previously worked as a teacher and assistant principal, and as a way to bring in additional income, worked in the summer as a camp consultant. As his consultancy business became more successful, Frank decided to open his own day camp with his son, J.R. After a year and a half of hard work, Frogbridge Day Camp welcomed its very first campers in the summer of 1999.

There are a lot of things that set Frogbridge apart from other camps in the area. Firstly, all groups in pre-kindergarten through the third grade are led by fully licensed and accredited NJ state teachers. Most of the fourth through eighth grade camp groups are led by Collegiate Education Majors and supervised by licensed teachers as well. As the most amenity-rich facility in the country, they also offer an incredible range of activities for campers to choose from, including adventure and traditional sports, lakefront activities, arts and crafts, performing arts and various rainy day indoor activities. Some of the original campers have even gone on to become counselors-in-training, counselors, teachers and gotten married at Windows on the Water, the property’s beautiful event space--- a true testament to how much campers enjoy and love the camp.

“I don’t consider myself a business man. I’m a man in business,” says Frank. A business man could have opened the camp and walked away. But as he speaks about the camp, it’s clear that both he and J.R. take great pride in making Frogbridge an exceptional day camp.
"I went to several banks to get a loan for the camp, and every bank was skeptical. Then I went to Amboy, and the lender was from Millstone and was familiar with the property and understood the potential it had. Twenty years later, I’m still with the bank. My friends who use other banks have horror stories, but I have only good experiences with Amboy. Debby is always available, and it just makes my life so much easier. It’s really a match made in heaven.” 

Fun Fact:
The Pugliese family would stay in the Frog Bridge Cabin at the Hawk Inn and Mountain resort every year. The cabin got its name because in order to get to it, you had to walk on a small footbridge over a stream filled with frogs. They knew this was also the perfect name for the camp because it immediately offered name recognition, a logo and a camp mascot.

Frogbridge Day Camp
7 Yellow Meeting House Road
Millstone, NJ 08510

Eric A. Wasserfall, Esquire

Eric A. Wasserfall started a part-time private law practice in Parlin in 1999. Tired of the long New York City commute and looking to spend more time with his family, he soon opened the practice full-time in 2000. He attended St. John’s University with the intention of becoming a Criminal lawyer, but eventually decided that wasn’t for him, and began his career as a civil defense litigation attorney in New York City Today, Eric primarily practices in the area of real estate law, and works in Commercial Litigation, Personal Injury and Municipalities as well. When he speaks about his practice, it’s clear that he takes great pride in the career path he chose. Eric said, “One of the things that made me gravitate to real estate is the feeling of working with my neighbors. Everyone wants to buy a home. Whether it’s a first-time buyer or someone more established, there’s nothing like getting in to a new place, and the looks on my clients’ faces are priceless. I really get more satisfaction out of that than anything.” 

About Amboy:
“One of the first things I had to do when I went out on my own was set up a trust account. I figured I would go to the closest bank to the practice, but my colleague emphatically told me I could not do that and I must go with him to Amboy, and I’ve never looked back. You can’t get the same personal service anywhere else. If I visit a branch I don’t normally visit, everyone still greets me as though they see me every day. And in the branches I do visit frequently, we have a great personal rapport and they always ask about my kids and family.”

Eric A. Wasserfall
499 Ernston Road, Suite B3
Parlin, NJ 08859

Nawab Grill

10 years ago, Nawab Grill became the go-to one-stop-shop for takeout, quality meat and various groceries. After working for Caldor’s for fifteen years, Mohammad Mubashir wanted to follow his dream of opening a restaurant. He worked with a local real estate agent who showed him the vacant building in Dayton. He worked around the clock to turn the old video store into a new restaurant and halal shop. When the store opened, Mohammad was working 14 hour days to, including holidays, to make sure the business was a success. He dedicated himself to learning the ins and outs of the restaurant business and can make all of the Nawab Grill recipes himself. Their Monday through Thursday lunch specials in particular have been a smash hit with their customers. Today, the business is about 90% regular customers- a true testament to both the delicious food and the quality of the business Mohammad has built.

About Amboy:
 “Amboy Bank is very good. I’ve had a great relationship with John for seven or eight years now, and he takes care of everything for me.”

Nawab Grill
371 Georges Road
Dayton, NJ 08810
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