Medical Writing Webinars

'Brain-friendly' medical writing to engage and explain 

A series of four webinars to help you write with clarity and ease for medical audiences

If you write or prepare materials for medical settings, these webinars could be for you. They explore the relationship between language, visuals and cognition and provide a theoretically grounded understanding of medical writing.
They will boost your confidence and expertise, provide some immediate practical techniques and help you articulate your writing choices to colleagues and clients alike.
The purpose is to take some of the challenges out of medical writing – so you can more readily engage your audiences and present data accurately and clearly. 

Learn the cognitive rules and biases that govern how people take on board and recall new information.
Learn how to use language and design visuals that play to these biases.
Make it more likely that your messages will be understood, remembered and acted on.

Specific aims are for you to take away ideas and tools that help with:
  • Message and story clarity
  • Writing more engagingly, compellingly and credibly
  • Crafting communication that is more compatible with how the mind works
  • Speed of preparation
These are usually held as 4 x 1 ¼ hour webinars for groups of six to ten people.
For many of our delegates, these interactive sessions have opened the door to a different way of writing and preparing medical materials. We don’t promise everything will change, but we do believe this will set you on the road to easier, more enjoyable preparation and to more effective results.

There is the option of a follow-up coaching session to receive feedback on individual work and to identify strengths and priority focus areas.  

Webinar details:

Experience the impact of language
Module 1: Brains like it real

Understanding how we make meaning from language helps you to write more clearly. In this session, we demonstrate the impact of different language forms and show you how to key into unconscious processes that result in more effective medical communication.

Work with the mind

Module 2: Brains like it easy
Audiences shouldn’t have to work to decipher your ideas or to remember them. In this session we look at building scientific understanding quickly and easily. We show how to guide attention, cater to the limitations of short-term memory and design materials for rapid, ‘whole-brain’ processing.

Engage curiosity and emotion
Module 3: Brains need to be engaged 

Our minds crave emotional uplift. In this session we show you how to exploit a number of cognitive biases to spark and sustain interest in your subject matter. We also help you see how different language patterns and structures affect an audience’s investment in your communication materials. 

Create a structure for buy-in
Module 4: Brains want to care

Narrative holds a privileged status in human cognition. It is how we like to receive information but don’t consciously know it. In this session we explore what narrative is (and is not) and how to work with it in different ways to boost the appeal and effectiveness of medical communication. We also share a simple mental model to clarify and shape narratives that you can easily apply in practice.

How it works

Please get in touch and we can discuss:
  • Your specific aims for the training
  • The number of people likely to be involved
  • Whether you are considering the core version here or would like a bespoke element to the webinars
We can run the core version very quickly on four dates that fit your team's diary.
We can work with you to include specific materials and learning points for a more bespoke design.

Webinar leader

The webinars are run by Deborah Goodall - the founder of Fruitful Conversations and a highly experienced healthcare communications coach and facilitator with expertise in cognitive linguistics and communications psychology. Her career spans more than 20 years in the pharmaceutical industry and ten years in people development. She has worked with hundreds of medical writers and communicators helping them develop compelling communication styles that engage and build trust.She holds a biochemistry degree from the University of Oxford, is an NLP Master Practitioner, a Henley Business School Coach and a Member of the Association for Coaching.   


For small teams: all four core webinars (five hours of training) are available for £1,200 + VAT.
This is for a group of six with additional people at £150 per head to a maximum of ten people. 
For larger teams: we run the series twice (i.e. two sets of dates) which gives added flexibility for those attending and keeps the group size small. This is offered at a volume price of £175 + VAT per head (e.g. £2,100 + VAT for 12 people as two groups of six).
For bespoke versions, there is an addtional fee for design time.

If you would like to talk to us about these webinars or something similar, please get in touch with Deborah Goodall on 01380 860 003 or email

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