Behavioural Science Webinars

'Brain-friendly' communication to inspire action 

Two introductory webinars to help you access insights from behavioural science

Inspiring people to act is one of the most important roles of any communicator. Yet in practice, it is also one of the toughest parts of the job.This is where behavioural science comes in.
Behavioural science is an umbrella term for insights drawn from psychology, neuroscience, economics and other social sciences that help us understand how people actually think and act in real life.
Most human behaviour is driven by automatic and intuitive processes that take place outside of conscious awareness. If we truly want to motivate and influence people, it helps to know something of these processes so we can design our communication to be more compatible with how the mind works.
These two sessions provide an overview of some of these cognitive 'rules', introduce five factors central to influence and share scenarios where these factors can be seen at play.   

Learn the cognitive rules and biases that govern how people are swayed by new information or not
Learn how to make your campaigns and communication more psychologically effective.
Make it more likely that your messages will translate into action.

Specific aims are for you to take away:
  • An understanding of what behavioural science is and its relevance to communication
  • Tools to enhance the behavioural impact of communication strategies and campaigns
  • The ability to mitigate against the impact of some cognitive biases 

These are usually held as 2 x 1 ¼ hour webinars for groups of six to ten people.
For many of our delegates, these sessions have helped improve influence and interpersonal skills as well as strategic communication. 

Webinar details:

Cognitive shortcuts and five factors central to influence
Part 1: Brains do it fast

We like to believe we, and others, are rational human beings who carefully consider all options before making decisions, but this is far from the case. The brain often uses heuristics or decision-making short cuts which allow rapid problem solving but mean we do not always maximise our options. In this session, we introduce the various ways the brain does this, how it relates to different sorts of information and then show how, as communicators, we can cater to these shortcuts to 
get the outcomes we want. 

Turning up the dial on our ability to drive action 
Part 2: Brains want to feel good
We often focus on providing facts and information - i.e raising awareness - to influence and drive change. Behvioural science points out there are at least four other areas where we can turn up the dial on our ability to share meaning and trigger action. In this session, we explore the different heuristics and biases that can affect each stage and work on a number of scenarios to illustrate their practical applications. 

How it works

Please get in touch to book these webinars, preferably with:
  • Your specific aims for the training
  • The number of people likely to be involved
  • Whether you would like a bespoke element to the webinars
We can run the core version fairly quickly on dates that fit your team's diary.
We can work with you to include specific materials and learning points for a more bespoke design.

Webinar leader

The webinars are run by Deborah Goodall - the founder of Fruitful Conversations and a highly experienced healthcare communications coach and facilitator with expertise in cognitive linguistics and communications psychology. Her career spans more than 20 years in the pharmaceutical industry and ten years in people development. She has worked with hundreds of leaders and communicators helping them develop compelling communication styles that engage and build trust.She holds a biochemistry degree from the University of Oxford, is an NLP Master Practitioner, a Henley Business School Coach and a Member of the Association for Coaching.   


For small teams: the two core webinars are available for £990 + VAT.
This is for a group of six with additional people at £150 per head to a maximum of ten people. 
For larger teams: we will consider groups larger than ten depending on your needs. Alternatively, we can run the series twice (i.e. two sets of dates) which keeps the group size small. This is offered at a volume price of £150 + VAT per head (e.g. £1,800 + VAT for 12 people as two groups of six).
For bespoke versions, there is an addtional fee for design time.

If you would like to talk to us about these webinars or something similar, please get in touch with Deborah Goodall on 01380 860 003 or email

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