A flexible, low-cost lighting solution

EasySafe is a new range of addressable, low-voltage emergency luminaires and exit signs that work with our proven, highperforming LuxIntelligent control panel.
Easy installation
EasySafe lights are quick and easy to fit and service with a simple ‘twist and click’ installation onto a firstfix base.
There is no need for a fully-qualified electrician, and devices can be swapped in and out safely and easily.
Add to your existing lights
Our low-voltage EasySafe devices are powered directly from the LuxIntelligent control panel, so a local power supply is not required. They can sit alongside LuxIntelligent luminaires and exit signs using existing wiring to form
one intelligent emergency lighting system.
Reliable and versatile
EasySafe lights are a low-voltage option within our existing emergency lighting system which is renowned for its quality and reliability. 
The system offers true scalability. One LuxIntelligent panel can support up to 400 EasySafe devices alongside an additional 1,592 locally-powered devices.
Compliance made easy
It’s never been easier to manage maintenance and compliance. Test results and maintenance data are reported in our LuxIntelligent cloud platform and are available at the touch of a button via our cloudconnected LuxIntelligent
control panel, PC or mobile app – wherever you are in the world.
Keep me updated with EasySafe launch
If you'd like to register your interest for receiving updates about the launch of our new EasySafe emergency lighting system, please send a quick email following the link above.