The need for greater fire safety in high-rise buildings has come into sharp focus following the Grenfell tragedy. 

A new e-book from Advanced 'Fire Safety in High-Rise Buildings: BS8629 and Beyond' explores the options available to fire industry professionals faced with changing regulations and a growing choice of technologies aimed at tackling the problem.

The introduction of the BS 8629 Code of Practice and evacuation alert systems are covered – from how these systems work, to specification and ensuring they are fit for purpose.

A range of other measures are discussed, including fire systems, compartmentation, cladding and the effectiveness of sprinklers. The paper also addresses the question of competency. In a chapter, endorsed by BAFE (British Approvals for Fire Equipment), the importance of robust fire risk assessments, high-quality equipment, and installation by qualified, third-party certified contractors is explored.

Talking about the e-book, Ken Bullock, Business Development Manager for Evacuation Alert Systems at Advanced, said: “As a business, our purpose is to create a safer future. This e-book supports our aim by outlining current and new options for improving fire protection measures in tall residential buildings. By sharing our knowledge, we hope to add further momentum to the drive towards greater fire safety peace of mind – both now and in years to come.”
Download your free copy of our e-book to read about:
  • the new regulatory regime promoting fire safety in high-rise residential buildings containing flats
  • the vital importance of monitoring and maintaining fire compartmentation and why it must never be compromised
  • the issues around cladding and some short-, medium- and long-term solutions
  • the role of sprinkler systems
  • the potential benefits of smoke control 
  • upholding standards and the critical role of competency in fire safety.
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