GSAS Announces DEI Committee Graduate Student Members

The DEI Committee is proud to announce its two new members: Kevin Lovaincy and Jenny Jun-lei Kravitz.

Both Kevin and Jenny are pursuing a Master of Arts in Diversity and Inclusion Leadership in the Graduate School of Arts and Sciences. 

Meet our Student Members

Kevin Lovaincy has been deeply involved with Tufts through many avenues: from being a student athlete, an undergraduate, graduate, student administrator, and as an employee. During his time at Tufts, Kevin has served our institution and the GSAS in numerous ways. He has overseen our DLS program communications and inquiries. He’s developed and managed pipelines for internship opportunities, key partnerships, and mentor networks in support of underrepresented students. He has spearheaded the planning and coordination of a vital faculty retreat, while managing multiple research projects.
Kevin’s academic and professional experience has equipped him with a strong sense of responsibility, cultural sensitivity, interpersonal skills, and the ability to work collaboratively in dynamically diverse environments. Kevin will be an excellent addition to our committee, as he welcomes the opportunity to discuss how he would help GSAS flourish as the Student Graduate DEI Committee member.
Connect with Kevin on LinkedIn: Kevin Lovaincy 

Jenny Jun-lei Kravitz is a double Jumbo with experience in both STEMM and Humanities. During her time in undergrad, she was one of the founding members of the Multiracial Organization of Students at Tufts (MOST). MOST focused on building community for multiracial students as well as campus advocacy. Hosting literature circles, guest speakers, and a bone marrow registration drive (multiracial individuals are severely underrepresented in national donor databases), MOST and Jenny had and continue to have a deep impact on the Tufts community.
As a part-time DLS student, Jenny has been working on DEI initiatives in educational spaces (public preK-12) for nearly two decades as an educator, as both a teacher and an administrator. Jenny values listening carefully to various stakeholders to best determine the unique needs, wounds, strengths, and constraints from each perspective. She identifies that if leadership can participate with open ears, minds, and hearts, this carefully collected information can be utilized to reimagine the organization moving forward, creating something that’s better for everyone.
Connect with Jenny on LinkedIn: Jenny Jun-lei Kravitz .

These candidates were chosen on the following criteria:

  1. Work/ Life Balance- How well the student can handle the responsibilities of the role on the committee which includes a variety of large groups, subgroups, and focus groups, readings assigned by the committee, and writing portions of the final report 
  2. Experience- The student’s demonstrated DEI experience, the extent and broadness of their experience across different marginalized groups
  3. Tufts Life- The student’s knowledge of Tufts and the DEI concerns at Tufts
  4. Teamwork- The student’s effectiveness as team leader and/ or team member