Association Newsletter
Fourth Quarter 2020
Volume 10, Issue 7

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First Ever Virtual DAA OneConference Brings Global Community Together ... and It's Not Over Yet!
DAA held its first virtual OneConference and Quantie Awards last month, attracting over 250 attendees from all over the world. With representation across three continents, the online event was able to harness the inclusive power of virtual events, expanding the Digital Analytics Association community and bringing it together for education, connection, and fun.

Simo Ahava (8-bit-sheep) and Brent Dykes (Blast Analytics) delivered outstanding keynote presentations and were praised as essential voices in the industry. Workshop Day was a major success and allowed attendees to learn hands-on in small groups with industry greats like Joe Sutherland (Search Discovery), Greg Dowling (Glassbox), and Declan Owens (AT Internet). The Women in Analytics Meet Your Mentor panel highlighted the invaluable DAA mentoring program, and speaker sessions brought exceptional content to the conference. The event wrapped up with the Quantie Award Winner Reveal featuring comedian Matt Ruby, followed by an impromptu networking session for those who couldn't get enough of chatting with their peers!

One of the best things about having DAA OneConference and Quantie Awards online is that, if you missed the event, it's not too late to access almost all of the content. DAA is offering on-demand registration, which allows you to access the event site and view almost every session at your leisure. Get your ticket here
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Congrats to 2020 DAA Quantie Winners and Finalists
As THE association for professionals in digital analytics, it is important that we recognize and celebrate the individuals, teams, and companies that demonstrate exceptional advancements in our industry.

Eight winners and 24 finalists were honored at the DAA OneConference, in the areas of Top Practitioner, Top Analytics Team, Best New Technology, Top Consultant, Difference Maker, and Top Agency (large and small). In addition, two special awards were given: The DAA President's Award, and the Jim Sterne Lifetime Achievement Award. 

View the complete list of winners and finalists here.

Members get free submissions into the DAA Quantie Awards. Start planning to enter next year's competition so you too can be a DAA Quantie Winner! 
Marilee Yorchak, CAE,
DAA Executive Director
A Word From DAA's Executive Director
Dear DAA Members and Friends, 

We have had such an interesting and fun journey together this past five years that I have been your executive director, and I am so proud to be with DAA.

I did let our board know in September that I will be retiring at the end of this year. I have had some major life changes, including a new grandson and needing to help my widowed mom in a more hands-on way. I hope 2021 brings the end of the pandemic so I can travel more and do some things I've postponed.

The board has formed a search committee, and I'm confident they will find a great professional to lead DAA to new heights. I will make sure to stay and help the new ED get situated and comfortable.

I will always treasure the opportunities I have been given to lead this organization, and to get to know so many of you.

How lucky am I to have something that makes saying goodbye hard. So, instead of goodbye – I say, "I'll miss you until we meet again".

My very best,

Marilee Yorchak, CAE
How to Identify Your Most Valuable Customers Using Dozens 
of Data Sources 

Join us this Thursday, November 19 for a live webinar to learn techniques you can use to identify your most valuable customer (MVC) including overlaying social media data onto purchase data, getting consistent data from multiple data sources, and creating a common set of customer definitions and metrics across the organization. Register now.

Date: Thursday November 19th, 2020
Time: 8AM PT / 11AM ET / 4PM GMT
CardinalPath White Paper
A Data Quality Approach to Analytics, Media Optimization, and Privacy
By Eric Fettman, Cardinal Path's Director of Capabilities and Enablement
In the world of digital analytics, the topic of data quality doesn't seem to generate too much excitement. For some of us, however, data quality is far from bland or inconsequential: we know it is foundational, directly supporting all downstream analysis, insight, and optimization. We have been in the trenches and understand that laxness in data quality can undermine strategy and compromise effectiveness.
This white paper aims to outline some high-level data quality considerations, as well as some specific tactics, and to demonstrate how a focus on data quality can support the conversion optimization, media effectiveness, and overall ROI that our industry constantly strives for, and also help inform platform-level and regulatory compliance. Download the white paper.

Mary Owusu,
DAA Anti-Racism Taskforce Co-leader and Marketing Professor at Canisius College
Being Black in America and in Data: An Update on DAA's Anti-Racism Initiatives
I didn't know I was black ... until I was 11 years old.

It was a dark, humid day in August 1992 when my entire family (two parents and five children, ages three to 13) boarded an early-morning flight from Accra, Ghana to New York City.

We called ourselves Ghanaians, but it wasn't long before we realized that in America, what we were was black.

You see, when you grow up in a culture that's predominantly one particular race, it's not uncommon to have a self-identity that's defined by your circumstances and your accomplishments rather than your race.

Being black is a beautiful thing. But what I learned in my early years in America – and it continues today – was that with labeling of black in America comes mistreatment at the hands of others. Micro and macro aggressions became commonplace – at house parties, job interviews, workplaces, in everyday life. 

Read more.
Jim Bradley, Digital MarTech Architect on the Evolytics Analytics Development Team
In Case You Haven't Noticed, Your Analytics Implementation Has Grown Beyond Analytics
By Jim Bradley

It has been a little more than eight years since I moved from the IT department to the digital analytics team. The analytics manager, who I knew well from our days working together in IT, said he was in desperate need of an experienced technical hand. Having spent almost three decades in the IT world as a programmer and architect, I was excited about learning something new. So I said "yes" and made the jump. 

I joined a team managing a large Adobe Analytics implementation on the company's main website and was still known as the "Omniture Team". Six years later, when I left to join Evolytics, we had become responsible for:

• Adobe Analytics
• Adobe Target
• Adobe Audience Manager
• Google Analytics
• Surveys
• Media Tagging
• Performance Monitoring
• And much more

All of this integrated with the systems and tools used by the IT development teams, our internal data science environment, the marketing and media teams, and numerous outside partners. Our area of responsibility had grown to include multiple websites and mobile applications. 

Read more.
Tealium Announces Two Important New Resources
Tealium recently released a new white paper and an e-book you can access for free through the DAA Newsletter. These valuable tools will help you maximize the rich information in your customer data. Be sure to download your copies today. 
Maximize the Value of a Customer Data Platform White Paper
The Definitive Guide to Customer Data Platforms covers everything you need to know about the people, processes, and technology that help you make the most of a CDP. Discover how you can seamlessly integrate this tool into your tech stack today and gain access to valuable customer insights without spending hours managing each piece of data. 

Enhance Your Customer's Experience E-Book
The key to a great customer experience lives in your customer data. Download this e-book to uncover how Customer Data Platforms (CDPs) work, their main benefits, how CDPs compliment the teams and tools you already have, and the value of having a single view of the customer. 

DAA Offers On-Demand Learning Anytime ... Anywhere
Did you know that DAA offers over 60 On-Demand webinars... and that number grows monthly!

These webinars are available anytime, anywhere, and cover topics ranging from: Campaign Analytics to Data Governance, Data Science to Storytelling, and everything in between. DAA webinars cover all experience levels too! From entry-level to advanced, and all webinars offer CWA Professional Development Units. DAA On-Demand Webinars are free to DAA members. You'll save substantially when you become a member today!

In case you missed the live events, you'll want to check out two recent webinars:

Optimizing for Event Based Analytics (and More), sponsored by Claravine – Learn how to set-up a best -in-class event-based analytics program and the benefits of doing so. Listen to Data Engineer and Analytics Expert, Jose Bergiste from Brillo, along with Digital Marketing Leader, Michael Shearer from Claravine as they walk you through the data architecture, example technologies required, and the various benefits to developing this type of analytics practice in your organization. Leave with a game plan to make it all happen.

Data Model Strategy – Align Your Analytics With Your Business, Not the Other Way Around, sponsored by AT Internet – Digital interactions and the platforms that come with them have been in constant evolution over the last 20 years. This has encouraged professionals in digital to historically work in silos from the start, adding specialized tools encouraging that isolation. We now know, more than ever, that product and service marketing strategies need to be user-centric, and this also goes for our digital strategy and analytics. Through this session, you will understand how the introduction of a data model strategy for your organization is key to making this turn.You'll finish the session equipped with key tools and ideas to implement this strategy into your business, contributing to your own digital analytics success story.
Special Thanks to DAA's 2020 OneConference and 
Quanties Sponsors

It takes help from many organizations and individuals to have a successful OneConference and Quantie Awards event. This year was especially challenging due to the pandemic and the need to hold the events entirely online. Please take a moment to look over all the companies that have helped make these 2020 events a great success.
OneConference & Quanties Sponsors
Lea Pica, Digital Marketer
 and Analyst turned
Data Storytelling evangelist
Lea Pica's Storytelling Bootcamp

1st Quarter 2021 – Only 15 Cohort spots available –
DAA Member Discount
Recently Adrienne Segundo, DAA's Education Manager interviewed Lea Pica about her Data Presentation + Storytelling Bootcamp. 

DAA: What inspired you to create the Data Presentation + Storytelling Bootcamp?
Lea: The Bootcamp is the culmination of everything I've learned, soup to nuts, in planning, designing, visualizing, and delivering data presentations that inform decisions and inspire action. Years ago, I was so frustrated with how I would deliver what I thought were insights to my audience and watch people doze off, check email, or worse, argue with my findings.

When I finally discovered the art and (data) science of persuasive presentation, I realized there was a huge skills gap in the digital practitioner field leading to a glut of meetings that don't feel like a productive use of time. I synthesized everything I'd learned from the greats (Garr Reynolds, Nancy Duarte, Stephen Few, etc.) into concrete methodologies that walk you through the data presentation process step-by-step.

It's the training I wish I'd had when I started out as a presenting professional, and my mission is to empower every practitioner possible with this vital knowledge.

DAA: What is the Guided Storyteller Cohort?
Lea: Guided Storyteller is an upgraded extension of my Bootcamp self-guided course. It is an exclusive accountability and coaching program for action-takers who are ready to make a big impact with their data presentations fast. There are only 15 seats available in each cohort so that everyone gets the personal attention they need to succeed, and the Boot Camp is only run a few times a year.

Every one of my previous cohort students said that this program created the accountability and motivation they needed to complete the course, and they're already creating much greater impact with their data presentations.

DAA: What results can you expect after completing the Boot Camp?
Lea: First, you're going to see improved engagement during your data presentation, with more productive and action-oriented dialogues. Then you'll see the excitement of people feeling like they have a plan when they walk out of the meeting, and following up with you on next steps. In my case, I got to watch projects launch from my presentations, secure more budget for bigger projects, hire my own team, survive two layoffs, and get several promotions.

DAA: Who is the Bootcamp and Cohort designed for/not designed for?
Lea: The course is for basically any professional who presents data, ideas, processes, etc. in a live or virtual environment. That can include digital analysts, marketers, data analytics practioners, data scientists, practioners at agencies and agency owners, and solo or freelance consultants.
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Build Your Professional Credibility With Certification
Need a way to stand out for your analytics expertise? Get instant credibility when you become a Certified Web Analyst. The process is entirely online and convenient. Find out how you can get certified today.

DAA congratulates five new CWAs this quarter:
• Vince Terrell Bell, Chicago, IL, USA, Bully Pulpit Interactive
• Jared R. Smith, Mansfield, TX, USA, Wpromote
• Haeyeon (Hally) Sim, Mississauga, Ontario, Canada, CAA Club Group
• Kevin Rose Dias, Toronto, Ontario, Canada, MRM
• Alexandre Koniecko, Paris, France, AT Internet
DAA Career Center: Check Out The New Jobs!
Visit the DAA Career Center to check out these jobs and others from out digital analytics communit. Thanks to our DAA Career Center Sponsor: firstPRO.
Remote, United States 
New York, New York, USA 
San Francisco, CA, USA 
Atlanta, GA, USA 

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