Over the course of three amazing days, we had the opportunity to engage in some impactful environmental initiatives with Restore Our Shores (in partnership with Brevard Zoo), Marine Resource Council, Keep Brevard Beautiful, and 4Ocean.
Restore Our Shores
During our time with Restore Our Shores, we focused on building oyster habitats. Oysters play a crucial role in improving water quality and providing habitat for other marine life. We worked together to construct structures that would support oyster growth and create thriving oyster communities. By building these habitats, we contributed to the restoration and enhancement of the coastal ecosystem that is so vital to our Florida shorelines and waterways.
50 Minutes To Save The World
"50 Minutes To Save The World" is a YouTube documentary that raises awareness about pressing environmental issues (mainly concerning our waters) and inspires action to address them. 
By watching the documentary, we gained valuable insights into the challenges our planet faces and the urgent need for collective action. It's important to stay informed about environmental issues and understand the various ways in which individuals and organizations can make a positive impact.
This documentary also showed us examples of successful conservation efforts, innovative solutions, and the importance of individual choices in creating a more sustainable future. It also highlighted the interconnectedness of different environmental issues and the need for systemic changes in policies and practices.
Having this knowledge, we were able to apply it to our work with Marine Resource Council, Keep Brevard Beautiful, and 4Ocean. It also served as a motivation to continue your efforts in protecting and preserving our coastal areas and marine resources.
Marine Resource Council
Our collaboration with the Marine Resource Council involved two significant activities. First, we had the opportunity to plant mangrove trees along the shoreline of the Indian River Lagoon. Mangroves are vital coastal ecosystems that provide habitat, prevent erosion, and filter pollutants. By planting mangroves, we helped bolster the health of the lagoon and create a more resilient shoreline.
Additionally, we participated in a shoreline clean-up effort along the Indian River Lagoon. Together with leaders from the Marine Resource Council, we collected litter and debris from the shoreline, preventing it from entering the water and harming marine life. This activity not only contributed to the immediate cleanliness of the area but also raised awareness about the impact of plastic pollution on our ecosystems.

Keep Brevard Beautiful & 4Ocean
Keep Brevard Beautiful is an organization focused on community engagement and environmental stewardship. We joined them in organizing a self-led beach clean-up where we gathered to remove litter and debris from Lori Wilson Park and the Cocoa Beach shoreline. These efforts helped maintain the beauty of our beaches and prevent harm to marine life. We also collected trash from beachgoers, raising awareness about the importance of responsible waste disposal and the impact of plastic pollution on our oceans.
In doing this we got to share about 4Ocean, a global movement working to clean up and prevent ocean pollution. Through their innovative "Bracelets for a Cause" initiative, we helped fund the removal of plastic waste from the ocean. With some of us purchasing their bracelets, we directly supported the efforts of 4Ocean's cleanup crews. This enabled us to contribute to large-scale cleanups and promote sustainable practices to reduce plastic pollution.
Every evening we came together to check in with each other and debrief our day with Brandon, Saniye, and the Youth Leaders. Creation care and activism were topics of the week and our students didn’t shy away from asking the tough questions, and in turn, questioning themselves and the choices we all make that directly and indirectly affect our waters. 
Remember, every action counts, no matter how small. By spreading awareness, engaging in conservation activities, and supporting sustainable initiatives, you contribute to the collective effort to protect our planet, Do Good (as John Wesley would say), and create a more sustainable future. We are given another chance every day, and a calling on our lives, to make waves and “reverse the damage”.
Witnessing their passion and commitment to "making waves" has been a blessing. Our values of love, justice, and compassion resonated deeply with them, serving as a guiding light as they explored ways to advocate for and be good stewards of what we have been entrusted to.
In the spirit of fostering their enthusiasm, we are planning to organize activities focused on advocacy and creation care, where our teenagers can deepen their understanding of the social issues they care about and learn practical ways to contribute effectively. We will also explore opportunities for them to engage with local organizations and initiatives aligning with our church's mission and values.