2019 Real Estate Photography Services

True HDR Premium Photography . Virtual Staging . 3-D Virtual Tours . Quality Control Services. Aerial (Drone)
True HDR Premium Photography
30 True HDR Images Delivered in 24 Hours for $250 
Virtual Staging
$45 Per Image
Virtual 3-D Tours
$80 For Premium Walk Through (With Purchase of True HDR Photography only)
Quality Control Property Visits
$400 For 6 Months of Visits Plus a Final Walk Inspection
Drone Aerial Photography
$65 with purchase of True HDR

Neil Gates Photography ~ HomeTourOrders@gmail.com ~ 630-528-0497

What is HDR?

The letters in this photographic term stands for High Dynamic Range. Our eyes see far more than any camera can see, and that's why many times we are disappointed with our photographs. This is especially so when it comes to real estate images. The main issue is that we have strong sunlight streaming beautifully through our windows, but we have to make an exposure for either the shadows, the midtones, or the highlights. If we expose for the highlights (bright areas, like the windows), the rest of the image goes dark. If we expose for the shadows, the windows and bright areas get washed out, or blown out, as we call it. A midtone exposure is our best bet when it comes to real estate photos, but we still get blown out highlights and dark areas that don't have any detail.

So, smart people came up with high dynamic range photography, which is.....AWESOME!!!!!

By taking 7 separate images (with the camera on a tripod to keep everything in line), we can merge the 7 exposures into one final photograph. The 7 exposures are taken for the highlights, midtones and shadows, resulting in an image that looks more like what our eyes saw in "real life".

Dare to Compare!

Photos on the left are those offered by a professional staging service. Photos on the right are our True HDR Images

Virtual Room Staging

$45 Per Image
When "live" staging just isn't in the budget!

3-D Virtual Tours

Compare to Matterport! VERY similar in it's purpose, but MUCH less expensive!
                                                  $80 for Premium Walk Through                                                                 

Quality Control (QC) Services

$400 for 6 Months of Bi-Weekly Visits
Have your vacant property visited every 2 weeks for peace of mind!

Many real estate investors have full time jobs, and that leaves them strapped for time. Let us drive to your property every 2 weeks to check on it for you! From the very beginning of the project, our team will take photos and create a PDF report that also has notes of any known issues. It also gives you the chance to see how the rehab is coming along, which is great for better communication between the contractor and your broker. Once the project is complete, our "inspector" will go through the property as if they were buying it, and point out with blue tape any punch list items. Once the blue tape items are completed, you're ready for marketing photos! Even as your property is listed for sale, we still continue to make visits and send reports, giving you more peace of mind.

Aerial Photography with Quadcopter

$65 - Only available with HDR Photography Service. Flies in fair weather and temperatures above 50°