Alexis Willis and Jordann Cornett:
"The sky's the limit!"

Alexis Willis
Jordann Cornett
Upon returning from the 45th Annual Convention of the National Society of Black Engineers in Detroit after spring break, computer engineering major Alexis Willis described the gathering as "an incredible community of mentors."
Attending the career fair on her first day, Alexis was intrigued by what was going on at the booth for Denso, a global automotive components manufacturer, and started a conversation with company representatives. Impressed, they invited her to a interview on the spot. The interview lasted nearly an hour after which time she was offered an eight-month paid internship from this coming May to next December. Congratulations, Alexis!
Psychobiology major Jordann Cornett also attended the conference. "Amazing, motivating and inspiring," is the way she described it. "Being in such a large company of other black students, from all different cultures, I felt right at home." 
In addition to the workshops and sessions they attended, both Alexis and Jordann enjoyed the networking opportunities, feeling that they were building not only professional relationships, but friendships as well. They were encouraged to follow their dreams and trust in their abilities to achieve them.
Jordann summed up the experience by saying, "Now I look at everything differently—myself, my future, everything around me. The sky's the limit!"