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How I am staying connected with friends and family that live far away:
FaceTime, Google hangouts and any two-way video apps. I never appreciated these until today!

What I miss most about what life was like before:
I like to be outside riding my bike either by the beach or in the mountains. I miss going to the ASL Coffee Night every Wednesday and hanging out with the local Deaf and ASL community.

Something positive about all this that I've discovered:
I believe that hard times bring out the best in you. I have been learning a lot about online instruction and looking forward to learning even more. I have always used Final Cut Pro to edit my videos lectures and tutorials, but for a couple of years now I have been hearing from students that I should learn how to use Premiere. I finally have the time and I can’t wait for things to go back to normal and show them my new “Premiere” skills!

I have been enjoying hearing from friends/family members who I have not talked to in months or even years. It has been nice getting texts and emails asking how I am doing, and that has led to renewed connections. Ironically, “social distancing” is bringing us closer.

My favorite comfort foods:
More like a favorite comfort drink, which is hot water with lemon and honey :)