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As I write this, I am eating chocolate in the middle of the afternoon in my home office space, and there is no one here to judge how much I am eating, nor a colleague to share with as to why I “need” it. And, I did a face mask and pumped some iron while watching two webinars this morning. You do what you gotta do to make this miserable season palatable, even positive.
Besides chocolate, beauty, and health routines, that means simply getting up and getting dressed. It means checking emails and messages. It means remotely connecting with students, employers, and colleagues throughout the day. It means relying on hearing from Chris, the Office of Communications, and President Goswami. It means tempering the amount of news I watch (don’t have that down yet). It means connecting with my faith and family and friends for comfort . 
I might feel alone, but I am not, and that is in no small part because we are all in this together. 

Janna Mori