Friends and colleagues pay tribute to David “Stoney” Stone
I had the privilege of being his friend and colleague for many years. We used to converse quite often, stopping by my office to cop a squat and catch up. My lasting memories are how proud he was of his kids, he would go on and on about their huge accomplishments. I finally got to experience that firsthand when my son started playing football for Santa Barbara High School and has David’s son JT for his coach. I spent quite a bit of time the last couple years in the fieldhouse with JT, learning more about him and his Pops. One word I can share about David Stone is GREAT. He was a great man. Full of love, kindness, smiles, and laughter. He is and will be missed dearly. Sending love and condolences to his wonderful family.
~ Chelsea O'Connell

My children went to school with some of David’s children at Dos Pueblos High School. So a lot of times we sat next to each other at football and basketball games. It was like I was sitting next to the mayor of Goleta/Santa Barbara because everyone would come by and shake his hand, or say hi. Young and old, male and female. He talked with everyone, and boy could he talk and about everything. He always had a smile on his face and always made me laugh, a lot. My thoughts and prayers are with his family,
~ Peter Georgakis
Stoney was such a supporter of my women’s basketball team over the years. I always appreciated how he made my athletes feel valued and seen by attending games or stopping by practice to champion them with his kind words or his gregarious personality! He was truly a class act. I am so sad to hear he passed, heaven just gained an amazing Angel!!!
~ Sandrine Krul
David Stone was in several of my English literature classes. He was an excellent and highly motivated student with a great sense of humor. One day we were talking about Stephen Dedalus’s search for his true artistic father in "Portrait of the Artist as a Young Man." David said that this reminded him of the saying "Mama’s baby, Papa's maybe." Hearing that in connection with Joyce’s novel made me laugh so hard I didn't know if I could continue the class. I am very saddened to hear of his death. 
~ Mike Walker (retired)
Please give my sincere condolences to his family, friends, and colleagues who will surely miss him dearly. This is an enormous loss. I would love to share a little story about my time working at SBCC with the wonderful, caring, funny, and inclusive man I will always cherish and remember. When I first began working at SBCC in August 2006, I was still quite young, often unsure of myself, a bit shy, and pregnant. David Stone was one of the first people I met, and he couldn't have been more kind. He made me feel welcome and included from the moment we met; like I was a part of something special and that people cared about each other at SBCC. He was one of the most welcoming, caring and funny people I knew then, and he still ranks at the top of that list long after his retirement and always will. He was so, so good at making me laugh and smile no matter what kind of day I was having and no matter what kind of day he was having. He made sure to acknowledge every person that crossed his path; every single day. That takes a lot of energy, and intention, and he always made it look easy even though it probably always wasn’t. He had a very rare quality and unique way about him that made everything come alive in his presence. I don't know many people that have that effect on the world and people around them, but he sure did.

A few months into my time here, and when I was in the last couple of months of my pregnancy, someone hit my parked car and knocked off my sideview mirror. I didn't notice it had happened until the end of the day, when I was leaving work a bit late and after my coworkers in my department had already left campus. When I found the dangling side view mirror, I was tired and feeling oh so heavy. I didn't even know there was a security campus security number I could have called to ask for help. David Stone was still on campus, and his office was located right near my office building. As I was walking from my car and back to my office to see what I could use to jerry-rig my mirror well enough for my 45-minute commute to Ventura, Dave checked on me as he always made the time to do. When I told him about my mirror and my plan, he jumped right in to help me and took care of the whole thing. It’s not that he didn't think I could take care of it myself; he knew I could. He just believed in helping each other out and lived that out every single day. He wanted to lighten my load and make sure I got home safely and that I felt supported. We laughed so hard about the whole thing as he duct-taped the heck out of my mirror until he was 100% sure it wouldn’t budge on my drive home. It was a running joke between us for a long time.

Dave was also always "paying it forward; to his colleagues and to his community. He was deeply invested in that. He was so, so proud of his sons too, and I remember celebrating with him on the walkways near our buildings when he had exciting news and proud father moments. Their happiness and progress and fulfillment meant everything to him, of course. I remember feeling so sad when his workspace was moved far away from my office. I still got a kick out of his campus-wide emails, but things never quite felt the same without him nearby, and even less so after he retired.

We should all strive to be more like David Stone. It’s impossible to capture the full essence of who he was and how he spent his time here on this earth, so I'll keep it simple. He was a great, great man: wonderful, caring, funny, courageous, real, and inclusive and I feel so lucky to have known him for the relatively short time that I did. I will never forget him. Rest in Power David Stone.
~ Jennifer Eggertsen
I will always think of David as the conscience of SBCC, commenting campus-wide on any activity or action he perceived as unjust. When I first met him, he was working in a little office in the Admin building across from the old mailroom. There, his computer resembled a scrapbook plastered with photos that told a million stories. He smoked non-stop and was far from physically fit. He was a character like no other. One day he made up his mind to get healthy. He quit smoking and started working out each morning with the SBCC football team. In short-time he had dropped all the extra weight he was carrying and looked as fit as any student on the team. What an inspiration he was! I remember when he took one of Ann Wilkinson’s English classes and happily quoted Shakespeare when given the opportunity. After he got all his GE requirements out of the way, he transferred to UCSB and got his bachelor’s degree. The man never stopped. I will never forget David and hope he's moved on to a kinder world than the one he left. RIP, dear David Stone. 
~ Michele Peterson, retired faculty

I am so sorry to hear this news. I remember David very fondly; he was such a friendly person and never afraid to speak up for issues he cared about. He was truly an institution at SBCC.
~ Annette Cordero, retired Faculty

It was an honor to be one of David Stone’s colleagues. We were introduced back in the days when he always wore a suit on campus. He was polite, courteous and very accommodating. He spoke so eloquently and with complete conviction on whatever topic at the given moment. David and I immediately became very good friends on and off campus. David was the epitome of a true friend. He was always there in time of need whether for work or anything happening on a personal level. I’m going to miss you so much David Preston Stone (Stoney).
Rest easy my beautiful friend.
~ Yoli Contreras
David could always make me laugh, even when I was feeling blue. I’ve been missing him since he retired. Reading these tributes, I see how many other lives he touched in so many different ways. I feel lucky to have known him, but sad at the same time now that he is gone. My sincerest condolences to his family.
~ Sally Gill