Congratulations, you are part of the 2022 Class of 50 Finest Honorees!  We are so fortunate to have your committment to our mission. You have a lot to do so we are hoping this toolkit prodvides you with some tools to get you to your goals. Bookmark this handy page on your computer and your phone!  It will host all of your fundraising needs plus, an updated calendar on fellow honorees' events.
Access the 50 Finest Page
Upcoming Honoree Events

Goal Setting & Brainstorming

Work with your mentors and your staff partner to go over your specialized fundraising plan and who do you know worksheet.

Social Media Tricks

Use these tips and social media images to help boost your campaign.
Make it fun by doing a 50 State Challenge Download a map here, or ask your followers to help you fill this BINGO card!  
You can now connect your page to Facebook Fundraising!
Facebook Fundraising for Finest - Connection and Tracking

Talking Points and CF Information

CF is a complicated disease.  Here are a few resources to help you explain why you are so passionate to help fund our mission. Weave these points into your conversations, your letter writing, and social media blurbs. CFF Elevator Speech, the Story of our Science, the latest news of our research

Finest Mobile App

Our mobile app is an efficient way to collect donations.  Here are intructions on how to download the app and tutorial videos.

Sample Letters and Texts

Customized stickers - great for the back of your business cards! (We can print these for you - just ask!)

Retail Materials

Although "percentage back" campaigns are not encouraged, a "point of sale" program is an opportunity for local businesses and their employees to give back to the communities they serve.  You probably encoutner these often when you are asked "would you like to make a donation" when you are checking out or see a donation line on a dinner receipt. 

What's Your Passion - Host an event!

A Passion Fundraising event is created when a supporter is inspired by their favorite hobby or pastime to develop a unique fundraising event to help them raise money for their campaign. While traditional letter writing and social media campaigns can be effective tools, hosting a passion fundraiser is a fun way to elevate your fundraising efforts by getting friends, family, and the community involved.
Check out this flyer that includes 65 event ideas! 
You'll want to pay as little as possible so make sure to use this letter to ask for donations: In-Kind Donation Form
Use passion pages to enhance your fundraing event
Passion Fundraiser User Guide
Passion Instruction Videos
Submit your event to the calendar