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LEGACY: so that truth might mark the next generation.

DOUBLE THE IMPACT of your gift to defend biblical Christianity for generations to come.

For over twelve years, Christians have looked to Reasonable Faith and the scholarship of Dr. William Lane Craig to equip them in dealing with challenges to their faith. Now, with our annual Matching Grant campaign, every dollar you give from October 15 through December 31 will make twice the impact in presenting a rigorous, thoughtful defense of Christianity both now and in the generations to come.
The ministry of Reasonable Faith has had a tremendous impact on lives across the globe. Alan John from India is one example:
It’s amazing how God uses these tools to touch people like Alan, not only to strengthen his faith but to help him share the Gospel with his countrymen. Alan even launched a Reasonable Faith chapter, allowing him to multiply this apologetic blessing and train even more Christians in the defense of the faith!
With more than 2.7 million engagements across our online platforms and over 600,000+ YouTube views a month, we are reaching scores of people who are seeking answers to their doubts and questions. Today, I want to highlight some special initiatives that your gift to this campaign will help fund.
We are in the initial stages of development in offering an online curriculum based on my work in philosophy, theology, and apologetics. These courses, hosted by an accredited Christian university or seminary, may be taken for credit at both the B.A. and M.A. levels or for personal enrichment. This is a massive undertaking and your partnership today will help establish a legacy that will impact the leaders of tomorrow.   

We currently have over 180 chapters in 28 countries across the world, and new chapters are starting every month! We rely on your support to help provide the resources each chapter needs to get up and running and we need more funds to grow these chapters throughout the world!

After years of requests, I have finally turned my attention to writing a systematic philosophical theology. This will be a summary of all my life’s work! Your partnership will supply me with personal research assistants for the completion of this monumental endeavor over the next few years.

Will you consider helping us move forward with these and other projects by providing a gift to Reasonable Faith?

There’s no better time to donate, as every gift will be matched dollar for dollar up to $300,000.  What a strategic opportunity to double the impact of your giving!  You may give securely online at

I hope that you will partner with me in supporting the remarkable ministry of Reasonable Faith and laying a good foundation for going forward in 2021 and beyond?  Thank you for your partnership!

For Christ and His Kingdom,
Signed, William Lane Craig
Dr. William Lane Craig
Reasonable Faith
P.S.    Remember, we must receive your gift by December 31 so that it will go twice as far to help defend biblical Christianity!
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