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Christianity that is intellectually robust makes a tremendous difference in evangelism efforts. Reasonable Faith offers an articulate, intelligent, uncompromising yet gracious defense of the Christian faith, and we are seeing people come to know Christ and grow as disciples. We recently received a letter from a former atheist named Drew:
“I was a Soldier and an atheist, even (and especially during) four combat tours in Iraq and Afghanistan. I used to think that Christians had to leave their brain out in the parking lot before they went into a church. Then, a number of years ago, right before I retired, I watched some of your videos and listened to some of your podcasts. Long story short, I am saved, and I am halfway through a philosophy degree earning the best grades I ever have. My wife and I are in church every Sunday, and we are both involved in the ministry.

Your ministry is powerful, it has to be because an all-powerful God is using you to do great things, even with an old crusty sinner like myself. Keep up the work and God bless you and yours.”

Stories like Drew’s are powerful examples that show how God can use evidence and arguments to change people’s hearts and minds, and we desire to extend this work to ensure that lives in the future continue to be impacted by the gospel.
Reasonable Faith has embarked on an ambitious project to develop an online curriculum hosted by an accredited Christian university or seminary based on Dr. Craig’s work in philosophy, theology, and apologetics. We believe this center can help to facilitate the growth of future scholars and leaders.
As Drew’s letter shows, thoughtful and intelligent answers play an important role in our evangelism efforts and often is the starting point for life-long learning. Therefore, I’m asking you to join our sustaining partners and help bring this vision to fruition. We want to provide more people an opportunity for the education and tools they need to lead the next generation.
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  • Time and Eternity
  • 5 Views on Apologetics
  • Atonement and the Death of Christ

Your partnership will make a tremendous difference as we move forward with this monumental endeavor as well as provide the seeds and the tools many Christians rely on to understand and defend their faith—both today and tomorrow!
For Christ and His Kingdom,
Michael Lepien
Executive Director, Reasonable Faith

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