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Matching Grant Initiative

When you partner with our annual Matching Grant Initiative at Reasonable Faith, your gift will be multiplied to impact lives for Christ!

Does what you give and what we do matter? In a word…absolutely! In fact, at this point in history, Reasonable Faith is experiencing unprecedented multiplication around the world. Active equipping, new material, and courageous leaders are all being resourced through consistent generosity. Our Annual Matching Grant Challenge is a key catalyst in mobilizing the mission of Reasonable Faith through that generosity.
That is why, from now to the end of the year, a group of committed donors has promised to match every dollar up to $250,000.

This means your gift will be doubled, increasing its reach in bringing the Gospel to hearts and minds we couldn’t otherwise touch.
We recently received a letter from Joe, who grew up in a Christian home. He accepted Christ early in life but stopped practicing his faith when he was met with challenges to it in high school. Incredibly, at the age of thirty, it all changed. He explains:

Joe’s wonderful story is only one of many such stories we hear from people the world over, and the generosity of partners like you makes bearing that kind of Gospel fruit possible.
We want to intentionally cultivate the soil of our culture to move unbelievers and believers from intellectual neutral to a place of vibrant love for Christ.  Here are some ways we do so:
The EQUIP Platform
On September 1st, we launched a free, online teaching platform called EQUIP. It is designed to develop a community of believers equipped to effectively share their faith through guided courses based on our content at Reasonable Faith. Hundreds of people signed up on the first day Equip launched and that number has since grown into the thousands.   
Reasonable Faith CHAPTERS
Our Reasonable Faith chapters continue to expand around the globe. We now have over 231 chapters (82 of which are international), each with a chapter director helping others to grow and share their faith. In 2022, we opened chapters in Vietnam, Venezuela, New Zealand, and Ireland for the first time!

Extensive ONLINE Resources
Our extensive online resources, including videos such as the new “So, You Just Became a Christian?”, help believers young and old to develop into thoughtful disciples able to answer objections to the Gospel. In the last year alone, we produced over 1,000 pieces of new content: podcasts, interviews, articles, transcriptions, short video clips, animations, translations, email campaigns, and more!

The William Lane Craig CENTER
For several months we have had strategic conversations with a prospective university regarding the William Lane Craig Center for Christian Philosophy, Theology, and Apologetics. Thanks to your prayers and faithful giving, Reasonable Faith is attempting to take a significant step in training the next generation of Christian philosophers, theologians, and apologists. Imagine the impact Reasonable Faith will make in years to come reaching people for Christ and, importantly, educating students from all ages and levels!

These seeds of thoughtful Christianity are quite literally transforming lives. Help us sow them deeper, farther, faster! I invite you to partner with us in moving these initiatives forward and increasing their reach.

Through December 31st, every financial gift will be doubled. Your gift of $50 will be matched and becomes $100. A $100 gift becomes $200, and a $500 gift becomes $1000.

You can partner with us by giving your gift securely online at
Thank you so much for your generosity and in standing together for Christ! May God bless you as you seek to glorify Him.
For Christ and His Kingdom,
Signed, William Lane Craig
Dr. William Lane Craig
Reasonable Faith
P.S.    Remember, every gift you give will be matched—and have double the power in sowing seeds for Christ. But only until December 31. Please send your most generous gift today!
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