Amarillo College School of Cinematic Arts

Amarillo College School of Cinematic Arts

The Amarillo College School of Cinematic Arts will offer hands-on education and skill development within a fully-operational film studio, propelling students into the digital content industry which is expanding exponentially around the globe.
AC’s School of Cinematic Arts plans to go beyond the traditional film school model by offering extensive hands-on training and technical skill development. The School also plans to equip each student with the tools of the trade in the form of a tech kit, including the equipment and software needed to start a career in the entertainment sector.
In collaboration with Sharpened Iron Studios, this unique program, which will be launched from AC’s Innovation Outpost in the Fall of 2021, will equip students with the ability to receive education that surpasses the training of a traditional film school – in less time and at a lower cost.
Students will have the opportunity to work alongside industry experts to develop skills and relationships that can that can translate into career opportunities.

Degrees & Certificates

Continuing Education courses, boot camps, and workshops in screenwriting, film production, and film/broadcast media performance are slated to be offered as soon as fall 2021!
Prospective associate of applied science degrees and certificate programs slated to be offered in fall 2022 include:
  • Screen Writing Certificate
  • Film Production Certificate
  • Film Performance Certificate
  • Broadcast Media Performance Certificate
  • Motion Picture Production Associate of Applied Science Degree
  • Film Performance Associate of Applied Science Degree. Associates degrees and additional academic credited certificate programs are slated to be offered in fall 2022. 
All proposed academic offerings are contingent upon approval of the Texas Higher Education Coordinating Board and the Southern Association of Colleges and Schools. 

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