Luxury Marketing Track
The Luxury Marketing track allows students to develop the perspective and skills necessary to pursue careers in the luxury sector. This is an important part of the economy, both in the US and worldwide. Marketing luxury products and services presents a number of unique challenges including the nature of the target market, the importance of establishing a strong relationship with customers, the critical role of brand image, and the nature of the distribution system.
Fundamental Courses
While not required, taking the following courses is recommended. They will provide you with the fundamental knowledge and skills you will need to excel in this field. 
  • Introduction to Marketing (MKTG-UB 1)
  • Consumer Behavior (MKTG-UB 2)
  • Research for Customer Insights (MKTG-UB 9)
  • Luxury Marketing (MKTG-UB 84)
  • Retail Strategy (MKTG-UB 88)
  • Retail Merchandising (MKTG-UB 89)

Recommended Electives
Make sure to check Albert for any course prerequisites.
  • Advertising (MKTG-UB 3)
  • Pricing (MKTG-UB 53)
  • Data-Driven Decision Making (MKTG-UB 54)
  • Brand Strategy & Planning (MKTG-UB 55)
  • Designing & Developing New Products (MKTG-UB 60)
  • Experiential Learning Seminar: Fashion Industry - Creativity & Business (MULT-UB 104)
  • Executive Practitioner Seminar: The Dynamics of the Fashion Industry (MULT-UB 151)
  • Supply Chain Management (OPMG-UB 6)
These courses would also count for the Marketing or Operations concentrations!

You can pick track electives that also count toward your declared concentration. Speak to an academic adviser if you have any questions about how tracks & concentrations overlap.

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Track Champion

Contact Professor Thomai Serdari for any questions about the Luxury Marketing Track. This can include questions about which courses to choose, career paths, and more. 

Office: Tisch 802

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