How to Apply a Future Cruise Credit
A future cruise credit is not transferable and cannot be used to pay for the initial deposit unless your credit exceeds the cost of the new cruise (which in that case the balance will be reissued as a new FCC or if you paid extra, refunded to your card). It is a bit tricky and each cruiseline will send an email with the future credit information as well as their own terms and conditions on how to redeem it. Once issued, you will not recieve any other document and the cruise line will not keep track of your FCC or how you are using it. Lucky for you, working with me as your travel advisor can make a big difference on how you manage your FCC. 
Don't forget that future cruise credits are not the same as a future cruise program. While they may sound similar, they are not. The first one is a total credit (such as a gift certificate) that can be used to book a future cruise, while the second one is just an onboard credit towards a future cruise booked while you are onboard. 
If you have received a future cruise credit, please don't click on the link, save the document and contact me right away. Once this pandemic is over, I can assure you that you will be more than ready to go on your dream vacation.Your future cruise credit will help you achieve that. 

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