Saganaki Cheese with Ouzo Sauce

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Ingredients for Ouzo Sauce

3 cups Ouzo liquor

1½ cup lemon juice

4½ tsp. flour

3 oz. butter cubes

Salt to taste

Ingredients for Saganaki Cheese

2 cups grated Kefalotyri cheese

1 pinch fried parsley leaves

Preparation for Ouzo Sauce

In a medium rondo, make a roux with butter and flour, when roux is well cooked, add liquor and flambé, cook until flame stops and all alcohol evaporates.

Add lemon juice, seasoned to taste. Reduce until desired consistency.

Preparation for Saganaki Cheese

Grate the kefalotyri cheese.

Place into cast iron and reserve.

Heat in the oven set at 300C for 4 minutes.

Add two tablespoons of the sauce.

Garnish with fried parsley, lemon wedges and serve immediately with toasted bread on an appetizer plate.
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