Looking for a different way to travel? River cruises have gained in popularity over the last few years, with small, intimate ships providing a multifaceted experience like no other.
Cruising the ancient waterways of Europe, through the heart of many of the world’s greatest civilizations, is in itself a special way to travel. River cruises take travelers on voyages through some of the continent’s most fascinating and history-filled destinations, onboard a ship with floor-to-ceiling windows allowing you to view the beauties of the scenery from the comfort of your suite.

Comfort, exploration and conviviality
Avalon Waterways offers travelers a pampered world of boutique-style hotel comforts that allow you to tour Europe’s finest scenery and history without having to unpack each night and worry about the following day’s drive. Often the ship moors in the heart of Europe’s ancient cities – after all, most of these settlements were established on the banks of major rivers. You can literally walk into history just minutes from the gangplank of the ship and immerse yourself in the medieval streets of rich former trading towns or the old capital cities of fallen empires. Cathedrals and castles by day. Comfort and conviviality by night. It’s a powerfully attractive combination, and it sums up the river cruising experience for many people.

Want to see exactly what you'll be seeing as you step aboard one of Avalon Waterways’ Suite Ships? Check the video below to see for yourself just what awaits on Europe’s most fascinating rivers.

Excursions with expert local guides

Avalon takes great pride in their excursions and uses expert local guides to show travelers the inside track wherever they visit. From the Moselle, for instance, they take guests into the hills above the river to a hidden valley to explore the imposing castle of Burg Eltz – a magnificent place off the beaten track. They also arrange private classical music concerts in Vienna in sumptuous palaces that simply aren’t available to the casual tourist. And those are just a few of the endless experiences you can have on a European river cruise!
Perfect for food and wine aficionados

On whichever river you choose to explore, you will inevitably sail by some fabulous vineyards where produce flows from the hillsides beside the river and right into the glass that you cradle at dinner. There is nothing better than enjoying a tutored wine tasting from a local vintner who points at a passing sloping vineyard and remarks that the nectar which you are enjoying comes from right there! Often you can accompany the ship’s chef as he buys produce for the evening meal in the local market. And he will tell you of the ancient recipes he embellishes with modern twists, and the heritage of the local wines, so that you can literally taste the history of the places you pass through.

Try one of these 5 Avalon classic recipes to taste Europe from home.
A cruise that has your interests at heart

Do you love gardens and nature, and wish you could walk through Europe’s biggest garden during tulip season in Holland? Are you an oenophile at heart and dream of a wine adventure in regional vintages from Paris to Provence? Or are you more the type to appreciate a hearty ale and can already see yourself raising a stein of frothy brew from Amsterdam to Budapest? No matter what your interests are, an Avalon theme cruise is the epic page-turner you have been looking for! Consider a culinary or Christmas market cruise to indulge in traditional culture, cuisine, and everything in between! The choice is yours!

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