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**Attention service professionals, authors, speakers, coaches, therapists, healers, and any sole practitioners, small business owners, or budding entrepreneurs who wants to stop worrying, make more money and have more time off for fun!**


How to Shine Like the Star You Were Born to Be and Make Money Doing It!
Complimentary Teleclass with Chellie Campbell, author of bestselling “The Wealthy Spirit”, “Zero to Zillionaire” and “From Worry to Wealthy: A Woman’s Guide to Financial Success Without the Stress

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Hi, Dolphin friend,

Do you want to inspire CONFIDENCE, radiate CHARISMA, and attract the CASH you deserve?

Are you ready to be paid – really well paid – for the wonderful work you do?

Would you like to have a system that shows you just how to help the world with your wonderful products and services, make plenty of money, and enjoy a balanced life full of joy and love?

Join me for this free teleclass - I’m going to share with you the Top Three lessons I’ve learned how to have the CONFIDENCE that creates CHARISMA that makes people want to buy from you so that you get the CLIENTS who pay you the CASH to be happy, joyful, and rich.

There was a time when I didn’t have any of those things. My acting teacher in college yelled at me once, “Don’t be nervous!!” (Not a very helpful instruction.)

Now people watch my speeches and say, “Well, it’s easy for you, Chellie. You’re a natural!”


When I started my Financial Stress Reduction® Workshops, I had no brand, no book, no “Name”, no certification, no reputation, and no recognition in the community. Nobody knew who I was, why I was teaching workshops, or what “Financial Stress Reduction®” meant – but it sounded good and people needed it. Outside of sports, there was no profession known as coaching. So I created my own brand, reputation, and certified myself.
But I was nervous meeting people at networking events, and my knees shook whenever I spoke to a group. People visibly withdrew when I introduced myself and quickly excused themselves to go talk with someone else.

As a former musical comedy actress, I knew I was losing my audience. But what was wrong? What did I need to do to stop REPELLING people, and start ATTRACTING them?

I took a lot of classes, read a lot of books, and made a lot of mistakes before I figured out exactly how to create CONFIDENCE, CHARISMA, and CASH for myself.
Celebrating my latest book with friends at SBBWA
Now I’m living proof that you can create a successful business with a six-figure income helping the world with your wonderful products and services AND enjoy a balanced life full of joy and love at the same time. I’m the author of three bestselling books “The Wealthy Spirit”, “Zero to Zillionaire”, and “From Worry to Wealthy” published in 7 countries and 6 languages and featured as one of Marci Shimoff’s “Happy 100” in “Happy for No Reason”. I am quoted or have stories in more than 50 popular books. For more than 20 years, my Financial Stress Reduction® Workshops have been helping thousands of professionals, established business owners, and beginning entrepreneurs with proven strategies that work to create a rich life and business they love.

If I can do it, you can do it, too!
In this complimentary call, you will learn:
  • The Secret to exuding Confidence and Charisma anytime, anywhere
  • How to Create your Brand so it’s authentic, intriguing, and makes you a Stand Out 
  • A Simple Technique to Raise your Confidence and Raise your Fees – NOW! 
  • How to Ask for the Money you want – and GET IT
  • How to Attract Clients who Praise you and Pay you – TOP Dollar!

I’ll also give you the number one thing you must do every day to make MAGIC MONEY happen in your life.

I can’t wait to share all this with you – will you join us?

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“The best thing I ever did for my business…”
“The best thing I ever did for my business was take Chellie Campbell's Financial Stress Reduction Workshop and to use her book The Wealthy Spirit as my bible. I cannot recommend Chellie highly enough. She takes all the mystery and agony and pain out of selling, marketing, understanding who "your people" are, how to get your "mind right," and how to get the money rolling in! I know hundreds of people who have taken her workshop who can attest that it was a Godsend and miracle to their business.” —Carol Allen, Relationship Coach 323-255-5265 323-255-5265 , carolallenastrology .com

“I tripled my income…”
“I have tripled my income and finally got that saving program going. Do not miss this workshop. Give Chellie 8 weeks, do what there is to do in the workshop and you will get huge benefits.” ---Mimi Donaldson, Co-author, Negotiating for Dummies and Bless Your Stress, 310-577-0229, www . mimidonaldson . com

“Smartest money I ever paid...”

“The tenets of Chellie’s The Wealthy Spirit and the Financial Stress Reduction® Workshop are absolutely the backbone of my business. Fortunately, I took the class right as I was opening my private practice, and it saved me a lot of the “first-year-in-business-in-the-red blues.” Smartest money I ever paid. My peers are shocked and amazed at how fast I grew my business and how much money I made in my first year. The best part is, she makes money management SO SIMPLE. Thanks, Chellie! I’m now the powerful businesswoman I always wanted to be!” —Dr. Nancy B. Irwin, Therapeutic Hypnosis/ Psychotherapy 310-235-2882, www . drnancyirwin . com

“My sales production doubled within 90 days…”

“I am a big fan of Chellie Campbell yet I put off taking Chellie's class for a long time because I had read all her books and what more could I learn? It turns out, a lot! Chellie is the real deal and cuts to the chase on wise money management and strategic marketing which is so vital to those of us who own our own businesses. Her course is a 'doing' class not a 'reading' or 'listening' class. Using her techniques, my sales production doubled within 90 days and I got serious about getting an accountant and bookkeeper to help me count and keep the money I was making. The return on investment I gained from taking her class was far greater than her tuition. Don't miss your chance to work with this Dolphin!”  Meredith McKenzie, Real Estate Broker at Urban Rancho, Inc., Meredith @ UrbanRancho . com, 626-243-4330

“I find money and love coming to me from expected and unexpected places…daily!”

“I got so much from participating in your Financial Stress Reduction class! One week after the class ended, I recruited a new client who said, ‘Can I just pay you up front for the full amount?’ Yay! I haven't had to chase down a single payment from a client since I took your course, and that makes me sooooo happy. And most importantly, Anthony and I will close on our dream home on Valentine's Day! (Remember how I decided that love is what I want to put out in the world? It's coming back to me!)…I find money and love coming to me from expected and unexpected places....daily! I am so proud of myself for growing my business and finding my first home (my dream house, at that!) while staying calm and confident about my finances. And I am eternally grateful to you for helping me achieve this major milestone in my life.—Brandi Wills, Hum Creative, 314-324-2952, BrandiWills . com, Brandi.Wills @ gmail . com 

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