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Thursday November 8th, 3PM Eastern/12PM Pacific 
On November 8th,  Morgan James will be broadcasting live from the Red Carpet with a group of our newest authors. Join us on our Facebook Page as we spread the word about these incredible new books! You'll get to hear directly from each author as we interview them about the messages inside their books. YOU can be among the first to get a copy of each of these brand new books, fresh off the press. Plus as an added bonus, the authors have agreed to give away a free gift, exclusively for viewers of the live stream. Sign up today to claim your free gifts! 
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by Forbes Riley & Will Quinones
The Forgive Process
by Lee Baucom
A Life Worth Living
by Chuck Reinhold
Battle of the Sexes
by Dr. Joe Malone & Sarah Harris
Generating Business Referrals
by Stacey Brown Randall
Success Equations
by Dr. Sherrie Campbell
Making Sense of Mindfulness
by Keith Macpherson
Leading from the Roots
by Dr. Kathleen E. Allen
Teacher You Are Enough & More
by Claire Maghtas & Karen Epps
Where the Colors Blend
by Stephen Copeland
The Millionaire Choice
by Tony Bradshaw
Polish Your Star
by Valerie Bérubé
The Human Magnet Syndrome
by Ross Rosenberg
The Four Gifts of the King
by Scott Rodin
Abby, Virtually
by Ronen Divon
Life to the Years
by Michael Ranville
The White Shirt
by Michael Alan Tate
We're Good
by Meg Keeshan McGovern
They Took My Wife's Breast
by Ken Olive
Pippin No Lickin'
by Layne Ihde
 All the Good Ones Are Not Taken
by Linda Yalen
Peace of Cake
by Jenny Carr
Finding Normal
by Jeff Huxford
The Big Picture of Business
by Hank Moore
8 Ways to Happiness
by Dr. Marissa Pei
One Shot. One Life.
by Doug Fitzgerald
Venture Into the Stratosphere
by Dominic Colvert
Knockout Presentations
by Diane DiResta
Crowdfunding Scenarios Explained
 by Delmar C. Gillette
48 Días Hacia el Trabajo que Ama (Spanish Edition)
by Dan Miller
Walking at the Speed of Light
by Cheryl J. Heser
Hope Rising
by Casey Gwinn & Chan Hellman
You Can't Google It!
by Phyllis Weiss Haserot
H.O.P.E. for the Alzheimer's Journey
by Carol B. Amos
Extraordinary Hope
by Elizabeth Ann Wallace
by Dr. Kenneth E. Stevenson
Adventures in Franchise Ownership
by Christy Wilson Delk
Stop Investing Like They Tell You
by Stephen Spicer
The Greatest Trade
by Steve Meyers
The Weight of a Feather
by Lynda Hacker Araoz
Oni and the Kingdom of Onion
by Marc Rubenstein
7 Caregiver Landmines
by Peter Rosenberger

During this FREE live event, you will:

  • Hear directly from each of these authors about the message in their books.

  • Be among the first to get a copy of these brand new books, fresh off the press.

  • Many of the authors have agreed to give away a free gift, exclusively for attendees.

          November 8, 2018      

                       3pm Eastern                
                       12pm Pacific
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