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Business & Leadership

Raving Patients: The Definitive Guide To Using Reputation Marketing To Attract Hundreds Of New Patients
by Dr. Len Tau
GenTech: Story of Technology, Change and Who We Really Are (1900–present)
by Dr. Rick Chromey
The Big Picture of Business, Book 3: Business Strategies and Legends – Encyclopedic Knowledge Bank
by Hank Moore
Lead Like An Ally: A Journey Through Corporate America with Proven Strategies to Facilitate Inclusion
by Julie Kratz
Good Success: Learning Good Lessons from Bad Leaders
by E. Arthur Self, Ph.D.
Roll Up Your Sleeves: Leading and Living in a World of Constant Change
by Michael Alan Tate
The Holistic Lawyer: Use Your Whole Brain to Work Smarter Not Harder
by Ritu Goswamy, ESQ.
Success Mindsets: Your Keys to Unlocking Greater Success in Your Life, Work, & Leadership
by Ryan Gottfredson
When Can You Start?:  The Insider’s Guide to Job Search and Career Success
by Bud Whitehouse
Love and the Highly Engaged Team: Make a Difference Through Your Leadership 
by Maria R. Nebres
The Profitable & Stress-Free Eye Doctor: The Step-by-Step Guide to Grow a Successful Ortho-K
by Dr. Connie Vuong
Twice as Good: Leadership and Power for Women of Color
by Dr. Mary J. Wardell
Welcome to the Next Level:  3 Secrets to Become Unstuck, Take Action, and Rise Higher in Your Career
by Sonya L. Sigler
Get Clear on Your Career: Insights and Strategies to Help You Choose What You Want, Love How You Live
by Valentina Savelyeva
Launch Your New Career: Steps to Signing Up Your First Client
by Carine Kindinger

Kids & Fiction

The Dream Thief
by Gregory Petersen
by Eliot Parker
Tales of the Protectors
by Lisa Pence
The Jealous Son
by Michele Chynoweth


Life Stones: The Ammunition Needed to Overcome the Giants in Your Life
by Rick Harris
Lost & Restored: Healing Hearts with the Father
by Suzanne B. Simpson
Healing Journeys with the Shepherd: A Practical Guide for Healing Hearts
by Mary Kay Mccauley Stone
Healing Conversations: Talking Yourself Out of Conflict and Loneliness
by David Roberts
Home in the Church: Living and Embodied Catholic Faith
by Jessica Ptomey

 Self Help & Motivational

The 3K Movement: Conquering the Hurdles of Life
by Chideha Warner
Heal Your Trauma, Heal Your Marriage: 7 Steps to Root, Rebound, and Rise
by Dr. Cheri McDonald
Reflections: A Story of Hope, Healing, Facing Fears, and Finding Purpose
by Brian and Fia Hobbs
Authentic Confidence: The Secret to Loving Your Work and Leading an Unstoppable Career
by Ben Fauske
Fearful to Fabulous: Unlock Your Power, Move On, and Thrive After Midlife Divorce
by Fiona Eckersley
Never Too Late for Love: The Successful Woman’s Guide to Online Dating in the Second Half of Life
by Joan Bragar, EdD
The Upside of Being Down
by Carolina Meja Rodriguez
Who Will Love Me?: A Holistic Approach to Building Meaningful Relationships After Sexual Assault
by Melissa Ann McDaniel
Grateful, Not Dead: Rewire, Not Retire. Re-fire Your Purpose
by Art Mitchell, Ph.D.
Awaken the Sexy Within: Transform your Body Fast with your Guaranteed Blueprint to Success
by Robb Evans
3D of Happiness: Pleasure, Meaning & Spirituality Based on Science, Philosophy & Personal Experience
by Necati Aydin, Ph.D.
Love Gone Wrong: Living Happily Ever After as Survivors of Abuse
by Laurel Bahr
Resetting: A Nurse’s Unplanned Journey of Love, Loss, and Living
by Susan B. Hassmiller
Creating Unity: The Guide to Leading a Marriage Support Group
by Angela and Chris Yousey
Eat Like You Teach: Reboot Your Focus, Reset Your Weight, and Revive Your Mojo
by Irene Pace, RD
You’re Still That Girl: Get Over Your Abusive Ex for Good!
by Suzanna Quintana
Small Town Divorce: A Road Map Through Devastation, Despair, and Drama
by Denise J. Anderson
The Ultimate Cure for Depression: Leveraging Science and Faith for Total Healing
by Dr. Joy Kwakuyi
Surviving Your Out-of-Control Teen: A Mom’s Guide to Loving Your Child Through the Difficult Times While Keeping Your Sanity Intact
by Lisa Gay Nichols
Life Worth Living: A Practical and Compassionate Guide to Navigating Widowhood and Sole Parenting
by Michelle Hoffmann
Ball Gowns to Yoga Pants: Entrepreneurial Secrets for Creating Your Dream Business and Brand
by Shellie Hipsky

Health & Wellness

Always With Me: The Guide to Grieving Death Through Integrative Medicine
by Michelle A. Smith
Migraine Relief with Hypnosis: How a Few Minutes Every Day Can Give You Energy, Clarity, and Enthusiasm to Take Care of Yourself and Your Family
by Katherine Hardy
Reverse Button™: Learn What the Doctors Aren’t Telling You, Avoid Back Surgery, and Get Your Full Life Back
by Abby Beauchamp
I Love My Job But It's Killing Me: The Teacher's Guide to Conquering Chronic Stress and Sickness
by Lesley Moffat
Your Script for Hope: Overcome a Devastating Diagnosis
by Petra Frese
If I’m So Zen, Why is My Hair Falling Out?: How Anxiety and Past Trauma Manifest in the Physical Body
by Amanda Lera
Stop the Pain: Your Hands-On Manual for Neck and Back Relief
by Vienna Dunham Schmidt
No More Fatigue: The Guide to Increase Energy and Productivity in Everything You Do
by Dr. Yani Feliciano

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