Elliott in the News
May 2020
Each month, Elliott School faculty members are quoted, interviewed, and published in top media outlets from around the world on breaking news and pressing global affairs.
KIMBERLY ANN ELLIOT – World Politics Review
Hawley’s Call to Abolish the WTO Echoes an Ominous Past
DAVID SHINN  – The Washington Post
quoted in
UN health agency chief unbowed amid attacked, Trump criticism
TARA SINCLAIR  – Seeking Alpha
interviewed in
Coronavirus Slams Global Economy: Interview with Prof. Tara Sinclair

DAVID SHINN – South China Morning Post
quoted in 
Coronavirus: China's aid effort in Africa is nothing new, observers say
DAVID SHINN – Eurasia Review
quoted in 
Why Russia is slow to unlock media potential with Africa
PAUL WILLIAMS – Foreign Policy
quoted in
U.S. Military’s Hub in Africa Fights to Keep the Coronavirus Out

AJAY CHHIBBER – Atlantic Council
Can India make an opportunity out of crisis?
DAVID SHINN – Foreign Policy Research Institute
participated in the podcast 
China’s Wider Quest for Influence: Africa and Eurasia
DAVID SHINN – Fairfax County Public Library and Great Decisions Group
interviewed about Red Sea Security
DAVID SHINN – U.S. - China Economic and Security Review Commission
testified in the Hearing on China's Strategic Aims in Africa
DAVID SHINN – Panda Paw Dragon Claw 
interviewed in Covid-19 and Chinese Soft Power in Africa: Q&A with Ambassador David H. Shinn


MARK EDBERG – WAMU FM's The Kojo Nnamdi Show
interviewed in
 Undocumented: The Pandemic’s Forgotten
AMITAI ETZIONI – National Interest
 Wearing a Face Mask is Patriotic
HENRY HERTZFELD – Scientific American
quoted in
NASA Proposes New Rules for Moon-Focused Space Race
MATTHEW LEVINGER – The Tampa Bay Times 
 America can aid farmers and help stem worldwide starvation during the pandemic 
JAY SHAMBAUGH – Hamilton Project
Incomes Have Crashed. How Much Has Unemployment Insurance Helped?

STEVEN HAMILTON – The Sydney Morning Herald
 Scheme is flawed but JobKeeper promises need to be honoured

ALEXANDER DOWNES – The Washington Diplomat 
quoted in Academics Say U.S. Interventions to Force Regime Change Often Fail
AMITAI ETZIONI – National Interest
 Donald Trump is redefining the role of "Big Government" in America
authored Needed: a time-bound virtual Congress
AMITAI ETZIONI – National Interest 
authored Joe Biden's globalist trap
JAMES FOSTER – The Union Journal
quoted in
Salt on the wound of inequality: coronavirus widens the economic gap
DAVID SHINN – Associated Press
quoted in 
Profile: WHO chief Tedros unbowed amid attacks, Trump criticism
THOMAS RUSSO – Natural Gas & Electricity Journal 
 Regulatory Challenges of Renewable Natural Gas
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