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There is a Destination For you...

What does a destination wedding mean for you? Is it a private 2-4 person affair or a luxurious 100-200 person affair? There is a destination out there for you to get married in! There are also protocols too no matter where you go... from marriage requirements. And the kind of resort to get married on...You name it you'll find it. And we can help you find the right destination & locale for you!

What is All Inclusive?

When we hear the words "All Inclusive Resort" what do we think of? Do we think of unlimited food, drink, entertainment? Do we say -- "what isn't included"?  Well I'm hear to break it down in the event you are considering an All Inclusive resort for your wedding and guests.
All Inclusive Resort Weddings are held to a separate standard than simply staying at an All Inclusive Resort on vacation. What exactly does that mean? you ask... Well, you can expect to pay for your all inclusive stay (honeymoon) and then you can expect to pay for your wedding (unless of course you have selected a free wedding package a resort offers). For guests you can expect to have them pay for at least a certain number of nights stay but not necessarily throughout your entire event & honeymoon. Just remember that in all honesty nothing is ever really free when it comes to Destination Weddings. What that means is, there is a fee for something somewhere. Look for the fine print. Ask or it. Demand it. As for resorts...and what kinds there are... there are SO MANY CHOICES for resorts! From the Ultra-Luxurious, Luxurious, Deluxe,Wellness specific, Activity specific, Relaxation specific....and it goes on and can find a resort that tailors to just about every need and want but not necessarily everything in that order. You may have to sacrifice one or two wants in order to get one or two needs met. It's much like when you decided to marry your partner. Your partner is not perfect. No one is! But...If you are extremely lucky you can find "that one" resort (or partner) that simply fits you...perfectly. And for you... you've got the perfect partner... not let's pick the perfect resort!
What are you truly looking for? From a resort that includes just an EP (European plan = breakfast plan) or All Inclusive plan (AI) there are many. On to the nitty gritty of what an all inclusive SHOULD mean and what it does not mean. Remember that no one resort fits into one clear box. Some will have surcharges or surcharge restaurants or items on the menu, or expect tips, or have a select liquor menu that is not included. You can pretty much expect MOST EVERYTHING to be included concerning the need part. Your stay, your drinks, your food and your entertainment.  As it should be. If you want lobster (I did not say what kind...), there is a resort out there for you. But the majority of resorts won't offer it "included at no charge". If you want Dom Perignon champagne you can expect to pay extra for it unless you have the money to spend at a super luxurious resort.
So we must flesh out what all inclusive means to YOU before we get started.  your needs and your wants. My customers are most comfortable telling me these things right up front. And it is expected!
There is a resort for most every budget. Just remember that not all resorts in all budgets will be "clean". Meaning a resort that is without defects (even if its a defect in your mind = something you did not like). If you are wanting a resort for less than an x amount of $ you should expect that it comes with some sacrifice.
All Inclusive should mean all of your drinks (liquors to premium liquors to sodas to select wines and champagnes), your food ( I did not say what kind or type), your entertainment (again type and kind not specific to all resorts) are included. You should expect at least some select variety of water sports, pool activities are included. Some resorts might include gym facilities, butler services, concierge, clubs and more! Some may surprise you with little things that mean a lot (and your travel agent - me - will too!) You just never know until you start researching resorts. You could research forever on your own and still not find "the right fit". It's kind of like a needle in the haystack and what you are going through as you select "that one of a kind" wedding dress" ! 

Let me help you curate the perfect destination wedding....
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