Pastor in India Beaten and Kidnapped by Radicals

10/22/18 India (ICC)
On September 4, Pastor Mathai Varghese, a 57-year-old pastor, was abducted and beaten by a mob of Hindu radicals in India’s Rajasthan state. When police finally intervened, the pastor was arrested along with the assailants and was falsely accused of taking part in a communal clash and attempting to forcefully convert an old woman. 
HOW TO PRAY: Pray for the physical and emotional healing of Pastor Varghese. Pray for authorities in India to treat minority Christians as equal citizens under the law. Pray for these Hindu radicals to hear and accept the Gospel.
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Turkey Arrests Another American Missionary
10/20/18 Turkey (ICC)
Only a day after Pastor Andrew Brunson was released from his two-year detainment in Turkey, Turkish authorities arrested another U.S. missionary. David Byle was arrested in Ankara on Saturday, October 13, by the Anti-Terror Police Department. Byle was interrogated and then ordered to leave the country right after his release on Sunday afternoon. 
HOW TO PRAY: Pray for the freedom to openly preach the Gospel in Turkey. Pray for Turkish authorities to respect the work of foreign missionaries. Pray for David Byle’s ministry to thrive following this incident.
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Police in Algeria Close Down Another Church

10/21/18 Algeria (ICC)
Algerian police closed a church on October 16. Government officials ordered the closure in February after inspecting the site and demanding that the church be renovated to comply with safety codes. Even after the church closed for three weeks for renovations, police notified the building owner that they were going to close the building on orders from provincial officials. 
HOW TO PRAY: Pray for authorities to reverse their decision and reopen the church. Pray for this congregation to stay firm in their faith despite these new obstacles. Pray for greater religious freedom throughout Algeria.
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Christian Village Leader Kidnapped in Nigeria
10/20/18 Nigeria (ICC)
A Christian tribal chief has been kidnapped while returning from a visit with his state governor in Kaduna, Nigeria. Agom Adara, the chief, was returning to his village when gunmen attacked his vehicles and killed his security team and driver. He had been visiting with Governor El-Rufai to speak about the continual problem of Fulani militants in his chiefdom.
HOW TO PRAY: Pray for the safe return of Agom Adara. Pray for his abductors to repent of their actions and turn to Christ. Pray for greater protection for the Christian community in Nigeria.
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