Tell the Pakistani Government to Reform the Dangerous and Discriminatory Sanitation Industry

The Pakistani government must immediately cease its discriminatory hiring practices aimed at religious minorities and the often deadly working conditions facing its sewer workers. ICC and other organizations have noted how Christians, Hindus, and other religious minorities are specifically being targeted to accept jobs with Pakistan’s dangerous sewer maintenance crews.

Despite accounting for less than 2% of the population, Christians make up over 80% of all sewer workers in Pakistan. In addition, not even the most basic protective equipment is provided to workers despite lethal gases collecting underground. These dangerous conditions have already killed six Christian workers this year. 
Time for Action
Pakistan’s discriminatory policies not only seek out cheap Christian labor for these dangerous tasks, but do little, if anything, to ensure workers’ safety.

Uneducated Pakistani Christians find themselves with a desperate choice to make in a country that is openly hostile to their faith: risk their lives in the sewers or risk losing their only source of income. It is unconscionable that any government would force a person to make such a decision.
How You Can Help
ICC is putting the spotlight on this hidden corner of Christian persecution in South Asia. The Pakistani government can no longer treat its Christian community as a disposable resource for its most dangerous tasks. Will you join us?  
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