According to experts, depression, anxiety and other mental illnesses are more common in the United States than cancer and cardiovascular disease combined. Yet people are uncomfortable talking about mental illness, causing many to shun the treatment they need. The following tools can be used to promote understanding and awareness of mental health issues, as well as to help employees who may be struggling with their mental health.
Interactive Guide: Mental Health Myth vs. Fact
Use this link to help explain some of the common misconceptions about mental illness. 
Poster: Mental Health Awareness
May is Mental Health Awareness Month in the United States. Use this poster to spread the word to employees.
GuidanceResources Online: HelpSheets
Featured articles on mental health: What Makes Humans Happy, and Ways to Nurture Your Child's Mental Health 
Resource Guide: Social Isolation
Research shows that social isolation can be as bad for your health as smoking, as this in-depth guide explains.
Resource Guide: Destigmatizing Mental Health
Despite progress, stigma continues to plague mental health and its treatment. Find out how to remove the stigma.
On-Demand Training
Laughter, Humor & Play to Reduce Stress is the perfect tool for promoting mental health awareness.