The holidays often mean a hectic season filled with family, food, parties, shopping and travel. For most of us, these are a joyful time. But for some, the stress, overeating and overspending that go hand-in-hand with the season can steal that joy. Here are a few tips to pass along to employees to keep them healthy, happy and stress-free through the holidays and beyond.
Quick Tips: Managing the Holiday Blues
For many, the holidays can be a time of stress and anxiety. This piece explains why, and how to deal with it.  
HelpSheet: All-encompassing Well-being
True well-being isn't just exercising and eating right. It also encompasses emotional health and many other factors. 
GuidanceResources Online: HelpSheets
Features for the winter months: Eating Healthy During the Holidays, and Staying Active in Winter  
Healthy Holiday Gift Guide
Before hitting the stores, click through this interactive list of the best healthy holiday gifts for every budget. 
Resource Guide: Motivation
Staying motivated can be hard. This guide can help, especially for all those New Year's resolutions. 
On-Demand Training
Managing Holiday Stress is the perfect tool for promoting mental health awareness over the holidays.
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