The spread of the coronavirus COVID-19 has made absence management decisions even more complicated. The following information can help keep you informed about changes in the FMLA and how the new rules are being applied in the workplace. Please call your account manager with any questions you may have.
Education and FAQs 
Check here for the latest information and FAQs on COVID-19 and leave from FMLASource.
Coronavirus FMLA Webinar
As the COVID-19 virus spreads, attorney and FMLA/ADA expert Matt Morris discusses the latest developments in the Family and Medical Leave Act
Back to School Resources
This guidance from the CDC and the American Academy of Pediatrics can help promote a safe and healthy return to school for students of all ages. 
COVID-19 and Leave of Absence
Check here for updates around Leave of Absence administration and COVID-19.

FFCRA Expiration and CAA
How FMLASource Can Help
FFCRA School Closure Leaves
FFCRA Revised Regulations
Coronavirus and Leaves of Absence: Fall School Reopening Plans, Workforce Impacts,
and the FFCRA

In this webinar, our experts provide an overview of the challenges and changes facing employers at the start of the new school year and answer questions on how to best handle leaves in light of DOL and EEOC guidance and new case law.  
State Leave Laws
A handful of states have amended or clarified their leave laws in light of the COVID-19 outbreak. This document explains.
Working Remotely
With more people being asked to work from home, these guides offer tips to managers and employees for adjusting to the change.
Department of Labor Resources
The DOL's Wage and Hour Division offers this guidance on common issues for employers responding to COVID-19 amid changes in labor law.
Access DOL resources
Health and Safety Resources
Webinar: What Health Care and Other Essential Service Employers Need to Know 
The coronavirus has made managing leaves of absence a challenge, especially for those working in health care and other essential services. FMLASource experts explain. 
Return to Work Guide
With many regions and businesses beginning to reopen, this guide offers tips on making the transition from home office back to the workplace. 

For additional resources

Click here to access the FMLASource toolkit for health care and other essential services.