Coping with Conflict

It's impossible to prepare for the shock and despair caused by war. This guide explains the complicated emotions arising out of such tragedies.
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Conflict and Workplace Stress

Traumatic events such as those in Ukraine can spill
over into the workplace. This guide explains how to keep emotions in check.  
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Informed or Infirmed? 

This 5-minute On-Demand training explains healthy ways to put limits on how you consume media during major news events.

Refugee Resources

Most of us have little or no experience helping refugees from violence. This HelpSheet offers information on what they may be experiencing and how to offer help.
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Grief and Loss

Sudden loss of life is among the most traumatizing events we can experience, whether those lost are close to us or not. The guide helps explain the grieving process.
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Crisis Portal 

The GuidanceResources Crisis Portal can be accessed at any time without login information for useful guidance on dealing with trauma.

Coping During Uncertain Times

When we're exposed to threats to our well-being, we naturally respond with anxiety and fear. This training  addresses ways of effectively coping with this uncertainty.
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Understanding Economic Disruption

The sanctions imposed by Western governments on Russia and its allies have disrupted economies worldwide. This guide explains the basics of this new economic reality.
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Country-by-Country Resources

This HelpSheet lists information for refugees seeking assistance in European countries bordering Ukraine, as well as in the U.S.

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