Back to School Toolkit
Back to School: Off to a Good Start
The beginning of the school year can leave parents scrambling to prepare their kids while also having to balance work and household demands. This page offers back-to-school guidance on navigating the transition, forming good habits, and handling some of the typical issues students may face during the upcoming year.    

Back to School Guide

This guide can help promote a safe and healthy return to school for students of all ages. 

Children and Mental Health

Like physical fitness, mental fitness is important at every stage of life. Learn how to nurture your child’s mental health.

Promoting Acceptance

It’s important to help children learn how to respect and embrace others’ differences. Use this guide to help steer the conversation.

Back to School Tips

Get quick tips for a successful transition back to school, as well as guidance on how your Employee Assistance Program can help.

FAQs: Back to School

We all have questions when it comes to back-to-school time. This guide can help answer some of them.

Interactive Resources

On-Demand Training

This brief training, "No Such Thing as a Perfect Parent," explains the problems that result from trying to be a perfect parent.

A Relaxation Break

This interactive experience can help you shed some of the anxiety you may be feeling about the transition back school. 

Finding Balance

With the school year starting again, parents may find themselves torn between the demands of parenting and work. Learn how to balance the demands.

Getting Help

Remember: Your Employee Assistance Program is available to you and your household members 24 hours a day, seven days a week to assist with virtually any issue. Log on to or call your toll-free number for immediate assistance.