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ComPsych GuidanceResources workshops provide valuable learning opportunities. Topics are designed and written to address a variety of issues that affect you at home and in the workplace. These 45-60 minute programs are informative and engaging. Register below to choose the training and time that best fits your schedule.
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April Webinar
The Psychology Behind Saving Money and Other Good Financial Habits
April 12 at 1 pm Eastern
Most people can honestly say they believe it’s important to spend within their means and to save money for the future. Unfortunately, good intentions are often at odds with how our mind works. For example, many people want to save for the future but have no motivation to because they have not imagined that future. This course addresses the psychology behind saving money and adopting good financial habits. It examines recent research related to how and why people save vs. spend and identifies strategies for participants to change their financial mindset and develop new habits.
May Webinar
Mental Health Awareness
May 17 at 1 pm Eastern
At one time or another, everyone experiences symptoms of mental illness. Too frequently the response to such symptoms in the workplace is confusion, fear, judgment, avoidance and outright rejection. This leads to a worsening of symptoms and a deterioration of performance. This training is designed to reduce the stigma associated with mental illness and to promote ways of supporting one another in the workplace. Participates are taught the signs and symptoms of distress and effective ways of providing support for co-workers. The training also includes exercises to develop these skills.
June Webinar
Mindfulness: Being Present in Your Work and Life
June 14 at 1 pm Eastern
Stress is damaging to employees' health and expensive for employers, costing billions of dollars in sick time, long-term disability, and excessive job turnover impacts each year. This training addresses these issues though a variety of techniques that help participants and their family members set achievable goals to eliminate avoidable stressors from their lives For stressors that are unavoidable, the trainings offers immediate responses and long-term approaches to combat the effects by looking differently at the causes.
July Webinar
Moving Through Grief and Loss
July 19 at 1 pm Eastern
Coping with the loss of a loved one can be an emotionally trying experience. Whether it’s a parent, co-worker, friend or relative, the reality of losing someone close to you can feel overwhelming. This workshop is designed to help those suffering from grief to understand, identify and accept their feelings, and offers coping techniques to help the grieving process.
August Webinar
Paying Off Debt While Building Wealth
August 16 at 1 pm Eastern
In difficult economic times, many people are struggling to just keep up with monthly bills, let alone make progress on debt repayment. What suffers most is savings and investing goals. This session focuses on developing financial plans and strategies to address the dual goals of paying off debt while building personal wealth. This session covers the basics of each area and describes practical techniques to manage personal finances so you can repay debt without sacrificing other financial goals.
September Webinar
Preventing Employee Burnout
September 20 at 1 pm Eastern
Burnout is a growing concern for many employers worried about how it can impact morale, employee retention, work productivity and more. In this session, we describe the signals that leaders can watch for and introduce strategies to help them prevent burnout from impacting the workforce.
October Webinar
Resiliency: Bouncing Back After a Setback
October 18 at 1 pm Eastern
Certain individuals appear to succeed against all odds. Despite severe hardships such as living through war, witnessing the death of a loved one, having a chronic illness, being a victim of abuse or dealing with unemployment, certain people not only adapt but actually thrive. These people possess a quality known as “resilience.” This workshop examines the characteristics of resilience and uncovers ways to introduce greater resilience into our lives.
November Webinar
The Finances of Purchasing Your Own Home
November 15 at 1 pm Eastern
The current economy has changed the home buying process significantly. Where once it was easy to attain credit, it has become more difficult again and a home’s value as an investment is more uncertain. Banks have gone back to a more traditional lending approach, meaning having good credit and a down payment is essential. Lenders are also focused on offering more traditional mortgage products such as 30- and 15- year mortgages versus the exotic ARMs offered a few years ago. Buying a home is still an American dream and it is important to understand the process, parties involve and what is in your financial best interests when making this investment.
December Webinar
Staying Engaged and Advancing Your Career as a Remote Employee
December 13 at 1 pm Eastern
Working remotely has many advantages for both the employer and the employee. It’s important than anyone working remotely understands ways to maximize those advantages and yet not be forgotten when looking to advance a career. Working remotely is not about eliminating the cost of day care or pet care and not about the ability to do household chores during the week. Although the setting may be different, remote employees are expected to put in the same hours as those in the office. This workshop is designed to provide you with steps for maximizing productivity, being engaged and recognized, and contributing to the organization remotely.
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