Now more than ever, organizations need to know how to handle crises in the workplace. Whether an act of violence, natural disaster, death of a beloved colleague or any other sudden, traumatic event, such incidents can severely affect the physical and emotional well-being of employees and curtail activity even weeks and months after they occur. 
To help with crisis planning, GuidanceResources is making the following materials available:
Traumatic Events Resource Guide
This guide can assist you, employees and their
families in managing a crisis.

Manager's Resource Guide
This short guide can help managers understand how to assist employees after a traumatic event.

Helping a Loved One Through Difficult Times
This On-Demand training explores the needs and feelings of loved ones who are going through a difficult time.

Coping with a Traumatic Event
Access the recording of a live webinar
that addresses coping after a traumatic event below.

Crisis Portal 
The GuidanceResources Crisis Portal can be accessed at any time without log-in information at for useful guidance on dealing with trauma
Coping with a Crisis
This On-Demand training discusses the common responses to trauma and how to manage your emotions.