We’re all following UCSF Community and government guidelines on COVID-19 precautions. We’re wearing our masks, washing our hands, and maintaining social distance of at least 6 feet. However, if you're being asked to quarantine, we want to make sure you know exactly what's expected.

What's Expected of Me While I'm in Quarantine?

Stay in your apartment.

Stay in your apartment for the duration of your self-quarantine. That means avoiding public places like restaurants and businesses as well as common areas within your own building. Do not have guests or overnight visitors as any exposure should be avoided. Have essentials delivered. Do not submit non-emergency work orders, and be sure to follow UCSF Housing testing protocols as well.
Housing COVID-19 Resources & FAQs

Protect Your Household

If there are other people living with you in your unit, do your best to protect them by staying in your own room as much as you can. It's also a good idea to open windows, turn on fans, wear a face covering, wash your hands, wipe down any surfaces you touch with disinfectant, and use your own set of plates/utensils.

How Do I Get Essentials While I'm in Quaratine?

Get it delivered.

There are a number of grocery delivery services you can use to have essentials delivered to you.
If you live in the Mission Bay or Tidelands communities, ask your friends and neighbors to transport your grocery deliveries from the front door of your building to the front door of your apartment. If there is no one available to help you, contact HousingEvents@ucsf.edu
Grocery Delivery Services

Ask for Help

If you're in an emergency situation and need financial assistance to secure food and/or necessities, there are UCSF programs to help. You can contact Student Life and/or Financial Aid to find out more. You may also want to look into city-run programs like the SF-Marin Food Bank Emergency Food Program or the CalFresh Program. You can find more information on city programs here.

San Francisco Department of Public Health

Quarantine Guidelines

Stay at home for at least 14 days
Quarantine for 14 days, starting from the date of your last contact with the person with COVID-19 (or the date of travel from outside the US). 
Do not go to work. Do not leave your home unless you are getting healthcare.
Do not allow visitors into your home, unless they are coming to care for you.
Full SFDPH Guidelines