Q&A With Nicole Kunkel ’17

Nicole Kunkel earned her Bachelor's of Science in Behavioral Neuroscience in 2017.  While at the Hilltop, her research focused on female sexual behavior. She continues her pursuit of femal sexual behavior as a PhD Candidate in Behavioral Neuroscience at The University of Texas at Austin. 
To further her research and to help the next generation of neuroscientists, Nicole gives back to St. Edward's University by supporting our Behavioral Neuroscience students in her lab. Because she is giving of her time and talent, these students are receiving real world experiences that will further their research and educational pursuits.
We are so grateful to Nicole for giving back to her alma mater and asked her a few questions about her time on the Hilltop!
When you reflect on your experience at St. Edward's, what stands out as the most meaningful aspect of your time on the Hilltop?
The sense of community between students and between students and faculty. I feel like I had a great sense of support from my peers, and I felt like my professors truly wanted to see me learn and grow to my fullest potential. It was an environment where I could stretch myself and feel safe about it. 

What is your greatest hope for Hilltoppers who will benefit from your gifts of time, talent and treasure?
What a question! Firstly, I'm flattered. I hope anyone reading this feels encouraged to pursue their passions on the Hilltop. Remain open to opportunities that come about and try new things - realizing you don't like something is just as important as knowing your passion.

There are so many worthy causes to support. What motivated you to support the university and its Holy Cross mission?

I don't feel like I'd be who I am today without the University. I'm just so grateful for my years spent there.

Would you like to offer an internship or other work experience to a student? Send an email to seualumni@stedwards.edu to let us know.
Nicole Kunkel '17 is currently a PhD Candidate in Behavioral Neuroscience at The University of Texas at Austin.