Body Well®
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You asked, we listened!  We are thrilled to announce we have officially changed the name of our Body Back® program, to better reflect our values and vision, to Body Well™. We don't believe that moms need to get their "bodies back" after pregnancy; postpartum mothers need nourishment, support, and body positivity -- womens' bodies deserve to be cherished, honored, and loved on, regardless of their age and stage of motherhood.  This change in name is long overdue... and with a change in name comes a change in the course itself!

Body Well™ is about meeting mothers where they are in their individual chapter of motherhood, challenging their growth and creating long-lasting healthy habits, inside and out. 

Body Well™ is our 8-week program that includes small group fitness coaching, nutritional guidance, recipes + meal planners, community-based workouts, and new weekly challenges to help make wellness a part of moms' daily lives, with a fresh look, feel, and name.

Body Well™ will focus on improving maternal health, both physical and mental, with a community of other mamas to support you every step of the way. And we cannot wait to meet you.

Body Well includes:
  • 2 Live streaming classes per week: Monday and Thursday at 7:45pm
  • Individual coaching and group support outside of class time
  • workout and nutritional guidance and idividual check-ins from our coaches throughout the 8 weeks.
  • Weekly (or more frequently) virtual playdates for your littles
  • Mom's Night Out/In events
Are you ready to experience a personal transformation?
Come join us, Mama!
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This is Body Back.
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