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Check In

Check-in for the 2019-2020 school year will take place for ALL students (9th through 12th grade) on Wednesday, August 21. At check-in, students will receive class schedules (sophomores - seniors), planners, student IDs (freshmen and juniors), locker assignments, and parking passes.
All students are also required to take their yearbook picture at their designated check-in time. Dress guidelines apply. Yearbook photos will be used for new student IDs issued.
Freshmen will receive their locker assignments at Orientation for a locker on the 3rd floor. All other students are asked to partner with another student if they wish to use a locker.
Freshmen will complete the check-in process through their 9th grade Seminar class on their first day of school and should plan to be on campus from 8:10 am - 3:15 pm. Lunch will be provided.
The other grade levels will check in at the Valor Athletic Building Main Gym as follows:
Seniors: 1:00 – 1:45 pm
Juniors: 1:45 – 2:30 pm
Sophomores: 2:30 – 3:15 pm

Student IDs

All freshmen and juniors will take photos for new IDs at check in on August 21. Sophomores and seniors will be charged $15 for a new ID if they do not have theirs from the previous year. All students receiving new IDs will pick them up in front of the Arts building prior to school on the morning of August 22.

Cum Laude Certificates

Returning students who have earned cum laude recognition for the spring 2018-19 semester will receive their certificates at check in on August 21.

Class Schedules

Receiving Schedules

Transfers will receive their schedules at Orientation on August 15, but must attend check-in on August 21 for the balance of the check in process. Freshmen will receive their schedules and locker assignments at the Orientation BBQ on August 19. All other students will receive them on check in day on August 21. 

Schedule Changes

Schedule change requests are handled through the counseling office. Students must fill out the Course Change Request form and turn it in to their counselor. The deadline for semester one change requests is August 29.
NO ELECTIVE CHANGES will be made until August 29. Students are required to attend ALL classes until any requested change has been confirmed by their Academic Counselor. Core class changes will be made as soon as possible on a space-available basis. Please note, student schedules are not deemed final until the student receives it at returning student check-in.


On-Campus Options

Students can enjoy lunch in the Commons, Bistro, or Cafe every day for no additional cost. Snacks and breakfast items can be purchased in the Bistro and Cafe using MySchoolBucks

School Supplies


All students will need a computer for school work. Here are some recommendations from our IT department: 
For Apple products either a MacBook Pro or MacBook Air works well. ($899 to $2500 depending on the configuration
On the Chromebook side, the Lenovo Chromebooks are very solid. ($150 to $900 depending on the configuration)
If you want a PC, the Microsoft Surface Go and Microsoft Surface are great devices. ($400 to $2000)
A majority of the students at Valor have MacBooks, but any of the devices listed above will work.

Use your course list to order your textbooks online on the MBS bookstore.

School Supplies

During the first week of class, teachers will give students instructions if specific supplies are needed for the year. Please arrive on the first day of school with basic note taking supplies.

Technology Accounts and Logins

Creating Accounts

Freshmen and transfer students should bring their phone, computer, or tablet on the first day of school to create accounts and logins to all necessary programs.


New students are asked to download the Schoology App on their phones prior to the first day of school. Please do not create your account until directed by the Valor IT Department staff. Students will set up their IT accounts at check-in.
New parents will receive an email from Valor with information on how to set up your Schoology account prior to the orientation. Please follow these directions so that you can ask questions of our IT staff if you have any issues with access. A member of the Academic team will lead parents through a Schoology tutorial at orientation.
Returning parents, you will receive an email with information on how to create a new Schoology login. Old logins are no longer accessible.
Please attempt to complete your Magnus entry or updates in advance of the August 21 check in date. Should you have difficulty with entry of your information please contact Rochelle Miller at 303.471.3231 for assistance so that we can provide your student with all they need prior to start school. Delays in completing your Magnus information may lead to your students inability to obtain a class schedule or student ID as necessary.


Modified Schedules

All students will follow modified schedules for classes on August 22 and 23.
New Bell Schedule
Review the new bell schedule for the school day.

Connection Time

Our schedule facilitates connection time in the form of required Chapel on Wednesday, Community/Life Group meetings on Fridays, a 50-minute lunch every day, and more options for before-school gatherings.

Parking and Drop Off

Drop Off and Pick Up Map

Review the traffic flow for drop off and pick up during the school day.

Schoolpool Carpooling

This year, we have partnered with Way to Go to offer Schoolpool, a secure program that will connect you with neighboring Valor families to help you find carpooling options. Learn more and complete online registration to use Schoolpool.

Athletic Equipment Storage

The Valor Athletic Department desires to be intentional in respecting the academic spaces in our efforts to continually preserve the learning environment and to partner with our academic team to create an exceptional experience for all of our students. To this end, student-athletes are reminded that leaving athletic equipment and bags anywhere in the academic building is prohibited. Equipment will be removed if is if found in the academic hallways or restrooms. 
In-season athletes will utilize the locker room space provided in the stadium or athletic building, other storage areas as directed by your coach, or personal vehicles as available. As seasons change, coaches will communicate if off-season locker room space becomes available for short term storage. If locker room space is unavailable for off-season athletes, students are encouraged to keep equipment in their vehicles or utilize the inside the north or south mezzanine gates of the stadium for unsecured day time athletic equipment storage purposes. Storage inside the main stadium gates, athletic hallways or stairwells is prohibited. When utilizing the locker room areas, personal locks are highly recommended for the safest storage. 

Dress Guidelines

Review and comply with the most updated dress guidelines for the 2019-2020 school year. 

Building Access

All Valor buildings are locked 24/7. Students need their Student Identification/access cards in order to enter all buildings on campus. Cards are activated for building access from 7:00 am to 5:00 pm. Students are unable to access Valor buildings prior to 7:00 am. Access cards are meant to enhance the safety of our school.
Students also need their access cards for entry into Chapel each Wednesday.

And More...

Missing Check-In or the First Day of School?

Contact the front desk at 303.471.3000.

Additional Questions? Contact Sheila Beckie.