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How can a corporate travel planner help your company?  The goal of corporate travel planners is to design business trips that fit within the corporation's travel policies, budget and goals, and that also meet the monetary and safety standards that people have come to expect from traveling.  The specific activities depend on the goals of your company based on the volume and logistic needs of your corporate travelers.  It also depends on the small details -- who travels and why, how the budget is determined, and more.     
Why use a professional corporate travel planner?  A corporate planner has inside knowledge of the travel industry and they understand what consumers and companies are looking for and also what other companies are doing.  They are also knowledgeable about various locations affecting corporate travel around the world and provides a level of customer service and accountability.  
Why use Jones Global Travel?  You’ll have the security of knowing your customized itineraries are being handled by an expert with experience who provides great service focused on guiding you every step of the way.  We are able to save you time and money and creating bandwidth for an employee to spend time on activities that are more critical to the company in thier area of expertise.  If you are a company that conducts business regionally or internationally, then having Jones Global Travel as your corporate planner is essential to maintain your growing business's needs.  We also provide constant support to ensure any unforeseen changes in plans are addressed to ensure the business trip is hassle and worry-free.  
Here’s the matter the size of your company or the budget for travel, Jones Global Travel has the tools, technology and experience to save you time, money and resources.  We can also assist with leisure travel plans - whether is be adding a few days on to a business trip in Europe or planning a tropical vacation in the Caribbean for the family or even a group.  And we understand that you’re busy with work and life and might not be super sure about where to go or how to get the best deals or how to plan for everything that might come up. But one thing you do know for sure: you don’t want to leave this to chance.

Whether you are booking business or personal travel, I make it my priority to understand your vision and then combine my extensive knowledge of the available destinations to ensure that you and your team are fully supported.  
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Here are some benefits to collaborating with

Jones Global Travel: 

  • Easy booking experience - Traveler booking page to save time capturing trip requests for independent and/or group travel
  • Competitive rates - Save time and money with access to private vendors and negotiated group rates 
  • No hidden fees - Fee structure is provided after complimentary consultation 
  • 24/7 Support when traveling - Itineraries are furnished with an emergency number for assistance with rescheduled or cancelled flights or calamities 
  • Personalized VIP experience - We wow our clients with remarkable customer service
  • Efficiency - We assist with controlling spending, provide visibility into your spending and detailed reporting for ease of reconciliation of transactions
  • Time Savings - By handling the bookings, we are saving your corporate travelers more time and assures compliance with the corporate travel policy
The less time your people have to spend fussing around with travel arrangements the more time they can spend on activities that matter - like helping your business grow! 
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