The Puksta Foundation is a 501(c)3 educational foundation formed in 2000. We provide access to higher education to Colorado high school graduates. Our scholarship is based on financial need with a commitment to civic engagement and social justice. 

The Puksta Foundation operates on 4 campuses across the state of Colorado providing grants to the University of Denver, Colorado State University, University of Colorado Boulder, University of Colorado Denver and Metropolitan State University. These grants fund a 4-year scholarship program at each university called the Puksta Scholar Program. We currently have 54 young Colorado high school graduates in the program. As a requirement of our scholarship, each of our Puksta Scholars is actively working on a project of their choosing in their community to make our world a better place to live in and work in. 

With over $4,000,000 of gifting over the past 21 years we now have over 276 Puksta Alumni around the world with many of them continuing their civic work that they began with Puksta. A college education is only part of one's learning opportunity. Participation in the community is the perspective that truly shapes individual lives. The Foundation encourages scholars to be engaged in the community and to commit time and energy to the betterment of Colorado.

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Apply to be a Puksta Scholar through the university you will be attending! 

Metropolitan State University Puksta Scholar Program 
Deadline: MARCH 19th
Puksta scholars receive a $3500 stipend per academic year (disbursed in four equal installments- ten days before and at mid-term during the fall and spring semesters).  In addition, scholars are eligible for $150 for professional development and $150 for project assistance.  Students admitted to the program are eligible to continue in the program depending upon their progress and their class status.  Click on the picture below to learn more! 
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Deadline: MARCH 15th
The Puksta Scholars Program allows Colorado students with financial need to pursue a college education and develop a civic identity and commitment. The Puksta Scholarship is awarded annually to four incoming first-year students who are Colorado residents (defined as having graduated from a Colorado high school). The annual scholarship of $6,000 is renewable for four years. In addition, each Puksta Scholar has access to grants for trainings, conferences, public projects, and paid summer internships. Click on the picture below to learn more! 

University of Colorado Boulder Puksta Scholar Program
Deadline: MARCH 16th
The Puksta Scholars program consists of a small number of students who will receive $5,000 annual scholarships, renewable for up to four years. Puksta scholars are people with strong academic goals, who want to be role models and who want to bring about positive change within our campus and society. Click on the picture below to learn more! 

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Deadline: MARCH 1st
The Puksta Scholarship Program at Colorado State University awards a $5000 per year scholarship to undergraduates who participate in a civic engagement social project. The scholarship is awarded during the sophomore, junior and senior year with the expectation that scholars will develop multi-year project (renewal contingent on fulfilling all requirements and availability of funding). Click on the picture below to learn more! 

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Puksta Alumni, Chand Jiwani, shares her experience as a Puksta Scholar at CSU! 

Chand's Testimonial
Class of 2020! 

The Puksta Scholarship... so much more than financial assistance to undergraduates as they pursue their dream of a higher education. You will learn the necesary skills and tools to become a compassionate leader in your community. Your Puksta Scholar peers, your coordinator, your mentors and all those that are involved with the Puksta Foundation are there to help you through your college journey. They become your support system throughout these wonderfully challenging years, resembling what can only be described as a family.
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