Welcome To Shanti Yoga Training School
I look forward to get to know you, as we embark on this transformation jourmey.
The time for yoga is now.
Together we will explore the many aspects of yoga practice in love, peace and equanimity.
Yoga is a practice of radical acceptance.
Through inquiry, presence and attention we discovert who we truly are - our blueprint. 
I am here for you, to hold space in this process of Soul evolution. 
I am proud to present our teacher cetification program, as well as deepening your yoga practice and continuing education.
This is a fantastic journey of body, mind and spirit and I am honored to be your guide. 
My name is Nathalie Croix, I am your lead trainer E-RYT 500 hour.
I have been teaching yoga for almost twenty years and have learned along the way many techniques and tools to enhance your life on and off the yoga mat. 
I am the founder of Shanti Yoga Studio in New Orleans, I run retreats worldwide and Yoga Alliance reistered trainings in various locations in the US and Globe. I am the creator of LIGHT CODE, a life coaching online program and the author of Living Life In Light, A Yogi's Journey.
I spent many years in Los Angeles, where I assisted my mentor and primary flow yoga teacher Annie Carpenter. I also worked at YogaWorks, where I had the opportunity to meet and work with many of today's most influencial teachers - many who became mentors over the years. 
Today besides all my yoga and coaching body of work, I host the popular Itunes podcast 
LIFE ON EARTH.  The podcast has been feature by Itunes Apple podcast many times as top one percent leading podcast under alternative health category with an average of 1500 downloads per day across podcasts platforms in the US.

Shanti Yoga Training School is a five starts training under Yoga Alliance, with over 100 graduates and has been a leading training for seven consecutive years. Respecting tradition, standing on the shoulders of the past we continue to see yoga as a healing ever evolving art, lifestyle and philosophy.
Yoga on and off the mat. Transforming our lives body, mind and spirit.

Here are a few themes from our Course Curriculum you will learn in this training....

  • The Art Of Sequencing 
  • Sanskrit Names Of Postures 
  • The Business Of Yoga 
  • The Eight Limbs Of Yoga 
  • Anatomy For Yoga 
  • Branding 
  • Hands On Adjustments 
  • Smart Alignement 
  • Yoga For Life Long Practice 
  • How To Effectively Use Props 
  • Finding Your Teaching Voice 
  • Meditation 
  • Yoga Nidra
  • The Chakra System
  • Retreats 
  • The Business Of Yoga

Upon Completion Of This Training Students Will Receive A Internationally Recognized Certification
Approved By Yoga Alliance 

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With now, over 68 episodes and over 70 hours of audio, the popular podcast was originally designed as an extra tool and bonus for students of Shanti Yoga Training School. Here we capture many of our guest teachers, presenters, as well as Nathalie's teachings for life time access. Since then the podcast has evolved and grown worldwide. We are a five starts show on Apple Podcasts. We invite you to check out our many episodes.

Training Webinar and Info Session

Learn more about our training school, method and program with our lead trainer Nathalie Croix, in this recently recorded video training info session.

Training Books 

Living Life In Light, A Yogi's Journey by Nathalie Croix
The Yamas & Niyamas,  Deborah Adele
The Five Minutes Journal
The Yoga Sutras of Patanjali
The Key Poses of Yoga - Anatomy For Yoga, Ray Long
Eastern Body , Western Mind, Anodea Judith
Light on Yoga,  Iyengar
Teaching Yoga, Donna Farhi
Autobiography of a Yogi, Paramahansa Yogananda

Training Manual

Students will receive one Shanti Yoga Training exclusive printed manual upon registering for the training.

Online Platform

Shanti Yoga Training School offers an extensive online platform with audio's, videos and many articles.
We are continuosly updating our online platforms to offer our students relevant and cutting edge material.
200 and 300 Hour training students receive life time access to the training's platform. 

Weekend Workshops

Our training school has two locations Covington, LA and Bay Saint Louis, MS. We offer one weekend workshop per month in each city  in which we explore a variety or yoga themes - see course curriculum above. Students are not required to attend the weekends consecutively for each weekend stands alone and our program is based on modules. Each weekend is one module. You will need a combination of weekend workshops, zoom lectures and our online platform to complete our program. Students must choose one location for their training.
We can go over this once you schedule your call. 

Zoom / Video Lectures Online 

Optional Zoom Sessions
In addition to our weekend workshops, we offer four themes each month taught via Zoom. Students may choose to participate and learn in the comfort of their home.
Each session is one hour to one hour and fifteen minutes depending on the topic. 

Nathalie's Website 

Check out our premium membership site with all of Nathalie's offerings.

Our Blog

Check out many of our featured articles on our weekly blog.

Training Frequently Asked Questions

Our Programs are always evolving to meet new industry standards and offer our students cutting edge course material. 
200 HOUR
300 HOUR

Falling Up Radio Featuring Nathalie

Nathalie recently went on Falling Up Radio show and talked about her journey through yoga starting at age nine, meditation and yoga on and off the mat, as well as her focus on animal rescue.
Click the button bellow and listen to the full interview. 


200 Hour $3100
Early Bird Special -  Full Payment Completed One Month Prior To Training Start Date  $2800

300 Hour $4000
Early Bird Special - Full Payment Completed One Month Prior To Training Start Date $3750

YACEP - Continuing Education - we offer three packages please reach out for individual packages for this program


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You are welcome to book a call prior to submitting your application.
 Nathalie is happy to answer any additional training questions. 

Testimonial From One Of Our Graduates 

Here is one testimonial from one of our teacher training graduates who is now teaching yoga all over the Globe.

Follow her on Instagram @lapetiteyogini

" My experience at Shanti Yoga Training School is very difficult to put into words because it literally changed my life.  First of all, the way the opportunity to come train at the Shala was the perfect way to start what would be a beautiful journey.
I was looking for teacher trainings in the New Orleans area and I happened to come across a Vinyasa Teacher Training. which was exactly what I was looking for. At the moment I was in Panama (where I am from) and I immediately called Nathalie to book a spot and the training happened to be full. Luckily for me we had an immediate connection (over the phone!!) and she promised that if someone cancelled she would call me right away and because the Universe works in wonderful ways that is exactly what happened next. 
The day she called to let me know someone had cancelled was probably the happiest day of 2014!!
After that things just got better.
In a short period of 5 months my life changed. I had turned around the way I practiced, I had learned more than in the past 3 years of college, I was able to begin teaching in the beautiful space, and I became part of an amazing family , the Shanti Yoga Love Warriors. 
Nathalie and the whole Shanti Yoga Family are definitely a blessing and they were put in my way to help me grow and blossom.
The Shala became my second home while I was in New Orleans and I miss it every single day.
I recommend coming to practice here and I definitely recommend taking the Teacher Training if you wish to deepen your practice and/or teach.
As I said before, my experience at Shanti changed my life and I am infinitely grateful <3 
Aurora Brenes " 

Featured Graduate 

Brooke Baudot
Brooke is 500 Hour graduate of our program.
Find out more on Brooke on Instagram
@soulfullyoga & @brookebaudot

Featured Graduate 

Holly Hobbs
 Holly is 200 Hour graduate of our program, currently working on her 300 Hour towards 500 Hour.
Find out more on Holly on Instagram @hollygramz

Featured Graduate 

Amanda Houston
Amanda  is 500 Hour graduate of our program.
Find out more on Amanda on Instagram @ashouston08

Featured Graduate 

Elaine Pages
Elaine is 200 Hours graduate of our program. Currently working on her 500 Hour, towards 500 Hour
Find out more on Elaine on Instagram @elenmarie9

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 Our Inspiring Featured Graduates Highlighted Above For Training Testimonials.

We Hope To Continue This Conversation Soon!

Namaste Yogis!